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Outback-What can I have?


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My husband was given a gift card to Outback.

Can I have the grilled salmon, baked potato, and seasonal veggies?

I was going to ask that no dairy or peanut oil be used and that the veggies be steamed.

I have never eaten there so I have no idea if they will be compliant or if there are hidden ingredients that I should be concerned about.

Thank you for your advice. I am on day 12 and don't want to blow it.

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You would need to probably call the restaurant and find out what accommodations that they're able to make - suggestion is to call at a non busy time and then make sure you have the rules of the program with you. Things that are listed as umbrella items in the rules (sugars, additives) have their own cheat sheets linked in my signature below that you may want to review before calling. 

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