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New to the forum!


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Hi everyone,

I'm new to Whole30 and forums as I am pretty private. But anyway, just want to say hello. On day 26 but will likely extend to at least day 35. Haven't experienced any improvements so far so looking for some help or guidance.

I appreciate there being a group like this.

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On 10/5/2022 at 1:42 PM, ShannonM816 said:

Hi! If you want feedback about your meals, you would need to let us know what kinds of things you're eating and what your meals look like. There's a downloadable Meal template pdf, for best results try to make sure your meals match the template most of the time. 

Thanks- just wanted to introduce myself first to see who was out there and if I could make any connections.

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Hi Yaya,

I understand being private. The book says to post on social media but I don't want those people up in my business. 

Many years ago I was very involved in the Atkins forum and even became an administrator, so I am most comfortable with a forum and hope to be the support to others that I was back then but on Whole30. 

I will need the help and encouragement as well. 

It seems to be dead for the month of October. I hope we can bring it back up.

Good luck to you!

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