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Starting Wednesday! YAY!

Fingerling Potato

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This is my third try on Whole30 and my first round was at least 5 years ago and things have gotten way out of control. I am at my heaviest that I have been my whole life.

I do not know that I have any ailments aside from pre diabetes and want to live a paleo lifestyle. For 2 years I was Gluten free and one year Dairy free but as soon as I realized those foods did not effect me (other than a little bloating from dairy) I went right back to eating it again and have not been able to stay off of them since though I continually try. It is time again for something drastic. I need strict and I need guidance or I just do not follow through. 

It seems weird to start in the middle of the month but I just don't want to wait. 

At the same time I don't see anyone starting an October Whole30. 

Is anyone else starting around this time?

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Hi @Fingerling Potato

I totally understand the statement "I need strict and I need guidance."  That's my life.  I bend very easily when I'm not doing Whole30, reaching far too often for the convenient foods that have lots of stuff that doesn't do my body any good.  

It has been very quiet here for a while.  I log my W30 under "Community" then "Log Your Whole30,"  if you want to log there I post my log every few days and check if anyone else has posted.  I started on Sept 1, had a few non-compliant foods the last two weeks but am going back to Whole 30 again until I feel better so I can do the reintro's properly.  So I'm not exactly starting over, just getting back into the groove.  

Wishing you well.


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