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No hangover? No nothing?


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Sooo I’m new at this. 4 days in. I have been following W30 rules very strictly, I haven’t had “the hangover” I don’t feel different.
I already usually eat fairly clean.  I was doing meal prepping and CrossFit before I had my baby so I know how to eat pretty clean. Now here I am post baby (really post-baby, 3 years later) and I mainly eat home cooked meals. Occasional fast food. And I typically don’t have a sweet tooth. 
Is there something I’m not doing right? I was waiting to feel like I got hit by a truck. But nothing? 

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Typically, the more different Whole30 is from the way you were eating before, the more you experience the negative effects in the first few days. Possibly this was not as big a change for you as it is for some people. Whatever the reason, just enjoy the fact that you don't feel bad, and keep going.

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