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I finished my whole30 round 1 over a month ago.  By the end my digestion was a wreck!   Therefore I held off on reintroduction a bit and eventually reintroduced very slowly.  However, I never got my digestion back on track.  I would love to hear advise on what to do.  
a few things to note:

I didn’t have many digestive issues before whole30.

Digestive issues started a week in and continued to grow—constipation mostly   

drinking plenty of water throughout (actually cut back and added coconut water and salt so I wasn’t overhydrating).

started a probiotic around day 20

reintroduction hasn’t made anything better or worse.  However, I’m pretty miserable as is.

Also I only lost 3 lbs during the round, and I’ve since lost a couple more (I typically eat reasonably clean, but have always enjoyed dairy and sugar—so didn’t have to drop too much processed foods).  Not sure if this is relevant, but maybe???

advice on getting back my digestion back to baseline would be appreciated.



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