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One week down - first timer!


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I am doing W30 for 6 weeks on the advise of my integrative medicine practitioner as a way to address several issues including stalled weight loss, tinnitus, peri-menopause and mood/motivation issues. It's been a super interesting process so far - especially realizing how many things have added sugar! I started on 11/1 - so I am on Day 8 and I have been fortunate to not have any major side effects. Overall, I am feeling good and cravings have not been bad overall.  The real challenge is headed my way over the next two weekends. I am traveling to south Louisiana (where I am from) for a 4-day weekend this week - and if you have ever visited south Louisiana you know that it is ALL about the food there... and it is super difficult to find healthy/compliant meals. I am shopping to eat at home as much as possible, but still the planning part of that is stressing me out! Then next weekend I have to go to Las Vegas.  It's a quick trip - 36 hours, but still so difficult!  I am also very much a social drinker and going home or going to Vegas both usually involve drinking.  UGH!  

Overall, I feel good about sticking to the plan because my practitioner is comparing before and after bloodwork and I am really motivated to figure out if food is causing some of my issues (and also excited about learning to pay better attention to labels).  But still - I think I may have picked the worst time of year to do this!! Wish me luck!

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