What happens when you make a mistake?

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Hey all! I messed up. I didn't make a hard decision as to how I was going to do reintros and now I'm on day 15 post-W30 and in limbo. Since then I have continued to eat Whole 30 but eating non-Whole 30 for special occasions (there have been 3 during that time). (Originally I thought I was going to do a Slow Roll but it's not structured enough for me. I need something more concrete.) I thought about doing the 10-day Reintro plan however I won't be able to finish it by Thanksgiving (and I really don't want the stress of making my own food for that day.) Do I need to start another Whole 30? How should I proceed from here?

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Maybe keep sticking close to Whole30, with maybe a day of dairy reintro and a day of wheat/gluten reintro a few days apart, mostly to see if either of them cause issues that might make you want to avoid those ingredients over Thanksgiving, and then sometime after the holidays, do a full Whole30 with the full, structured reintroduction? 

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