Vacillating between tiger blood and weakness

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I'm on day 27, & I've been 100% compliant. While this is a tough eating plan, I've loved it.  I got tiger blood about a week ago and felt amazing, but yesterday and today, horribly weak and freezing cold. I had gained about 8 pounds prior to starting, and I suspect I've now shed most of that, so that might account for the feeling cold (plus I live in frigid Iowa!)  However, I'm struggling to understand and manage  the weakness.  I do a stretching workout for 30 minutes at 6:00 am, and then follow it up with either boot camp or my elliptical for 30-45 minutes. Then I eat breakfast- eggs, sweet potatoes, lots of veggies, bacon bits/avocado. (again-all compliant.)  I normally eat lunch (meats and veggies) about 3 hours later. Then I have a fruit/nut meal around 4 because I'm conditioned not to eat after that time nor do meat and veggies appeal to me.  I have done intermittent fasting for several years, and I'm wondering if the lapse of not eating for 17ish hours might be the culprit to my weakness.  Any suggestions or thoughts?

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So you eat breakfast around 7:15, lunch around 10ish, a small meal with little to no protein around 4ish, fast all night, wake up, and work out for an hour while still fasting? Yes, i think the lack of energy for your body to use might have something to do with you not feeling great.

You really need to eat the equivalent of three template-based meals each day for best results. That's a minimum. You can download the template here:

It is especially important to be sure you're eating enough if you're going to continue to go 17 hours without eating, and then work out at the end of that period. 

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