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Reactive hypoglycemia

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If you google Whole30 hypoglycemia, there are some previous discussions about this in the forum. Here's one that has some suggestions: 


Also, like someone mentioned in the thread, if you usually use glucose tablets when your blood sugar goes low, and you need to use them during Whole30, that's fine. That really falls under doctor's orders or medical needs, and those take precedence over Whole30 rules.

If you need to not follow recommendations -- like the recommended three meals a day (if more meals work better for you) or the recommendation not to drink fruit juice (still check that it doesn't have non-compatible ingredients in it) -- that's fine. 

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Thanks for getting back to me. I already did previous google the links, but I wasn't sure if there were any specific guidelines. I have to be really careful not to get my sugar too low. Last time I tried something like this, I lasted 3 days before I was really bad and had to go back.

I've pinged my doctor about doing a modified version to see if that will help. I'm excited about this, but I don't want even a modified version to fail. The biggest thing for me is taking out the processed foods and sugar (I don't drink very often), but taking those out is really going to be key to eating better.

After going overseas, I realized how much food in the US is horrible. I'm actually eating better based on that alone, and when I don't eat well now, I feel it :(

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