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Newbie Log - Marci's 1st Whole 30


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Day 0 - AKA, Curse you Lawry's Seasoned Salt

My first attempt at day 1 was foiled by covert sugar molecules in bacon bits and seasoned salt.

Day 1 - AKA, Day 1 Redux gym FAIL

Breakfast - 3 organic eggs with homemade salsa and 1/2 an avocado, english breakfast tea

Lunch - leftover sirloin steak, green salad with tomato and cucumber, leftover roasted golden beets and cauliflower, 1/2 an avocado and 1/2 a large apple

Dinner - Grilled organic chicken breast marinated in olive oil, white vinegar, garlic powder, basil and salt. Roasted leeks and brussels sprouts, green salad with homemade vinegrette.

Gym FAIL - just pure laziness. Talked myself out of it in the morning, lame excuse = -7 outside. Planned on going after dinner, lame excuse= exhausted.

Day 2 - AKA Gym FAIL Redux

Set alarm for 5pm instead of 5am = gym FAIL

Woke up with the dreaded carb withdrawl headache. After trolling the forum for advice I took some debatably compliant Excedrin.

Running way way late and having to get offspring to school I left the house without eating breakfast.

Breakfast - I stopped at grocery store and grabbed a bag of organic carrots, some organic roasted cashews, an organic apple and some pre-peeled hard boiled eggs. I didn't want the pre- peeled ones but that is all they had. Ingredients say "citric acid, sodium benzate (a preserative)" I haven't eaten them yet. The cashews have 6g's of protein per serving. I'll do a little checking before I decide whether or not to eat the eggs.

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Day 2, cont. - Had to go to a meeting before I had a chance to eat the eggs. Ate them at noon, with a few cashews. I left my lunch in the fridge at home so I ran to Vitamin Cottage and got a can of wild caught salmon, some baby greens and olive oil. I mixed that together with the baby carrots, 1/2 avocado and apple cider vinegar I had at the office. My headache is coming back but I'm going to try and power through.

Dinner plan - the leftover grilled chicken breast I forgot to bring for lunch diced up with some greens, cucumber, tomato, carrot and maybe some grapes, pomegranate or apple thrown in. I am really going to miss the chick peas in my salad!

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Day 2 - Ended up making soup instead of salad. The Hubs was sick of salad. Threw some oxtail (which I have never cooked before) organic veg broth, water, tomato paste, carrots, celery, purple cabbage, a dash of balsamic vinegar, salt and herbs de provance in the pressure cooker. Next time I'll season it more and use more broth, less water. It was still good and will be my day 3 Lunch!

Am a giant gym LOSER! Still haven't gone. Sleep has just been too alluring.

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Day 3 - Breakfast was my usual 3 organic eggs fried in olive oil, homemade salsa and 1/2 an avocado.

Lunch will be leftover oxtail soup.

I have my gym bag in the car and it's The Hubs day off so I don't have to get home to release the babysitters after work. I WILL MAKE IT TO THE GYM TODAY!!!

Confession: I have been on the scale. I know, I know, not a W30 compliant move, but more compliant than a cupcake right? I am a scale addict. The worst part, no guilt. I am unashamed and will probably break that rule again. It keeps me motivated to see a quantitative benefit from all my hard work. I understand that this is about health and not weight and that the no scale rule is important for some, but I just like to know. When I put on pants that haven't fit in 6 months and I can button them, I just get so curious!

Dinner plan - probably the leftover chicken breast from Tuesday, either in a salad or with some roasted vegies.

I can't wait till Saturday to pick up my Bountiful Basket! I also ordered 8lbs of strawberries. I have no idea what I am going to do with them. I love fresh strawberries, but I am pretty sure that I'm not supposed to eat 8lbs of them. Normally I would make some jam, but that is not happening in the midst of a W30. I'll probably just freeze some and give the rest away. I am open to some W30 compliant ideas if anyone want to offer some advice!

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Day 3 Cont. - AKA Finally off my lazy butt

Finally made it to the gym! 50min on the eliptical at a 5 incline and 5 resistance. Boiled some eggs when I got home and had my leftover chicken with a cucumber and 1/2 an avocado with vinegar and oil. I wish I would have thought to throw some fresh cilantro in it. That would have been good.

Had my first guilt dream. I think it stemed from the fact that I remembered that on day 2 after the salmon salad I had a meeting and mindlessly popped 2 tiny sugar free breath mints without even thinking about it. Why that popped into my head more than 24hrs later, I don't know. I think I was so irritated with myself for the breath mints that I dreamt that I ate a bunch of hersheys kisses and then realized that I would have to start over. BTW, I am not starting over because of the breath mints. Live and learn.

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Day 4 - Breakfast was 2 boiled eggs with mustard, and some leftover oxtail soup. I tried a piece of prosciutto, thinking it would fix my bacon craving but it tasted nothing like bacon and I didn't care for it much.

Lunch Plan - the last leftover chicken breast with homemade vinegrette, baby greens, tomato, cucumber and carrots and a banana.

Dinner - I have some stew meat thawed out in the fridge. Not sure yet what I'll do with it. I usually cook it with cabbage, carrots, celery, onion, potato and tomato juice. I could leave out the potato but it is so similar to the oxtail soup I just made, I would rather figure something else out.

Observations- I didn't sleep all that well last night, between the guilt dreams and my 2yo not sleeping well across the hall. The night before I slept like a baby but was tired all the next day anyway. I did notice yesterday that I was not hungry for lunch. Days 0,1 and 2 I was starving by 12:00. yesterday I wasn't really hungry at noon and I think I over ate.

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Just picked up my organic bountiful basket. I got:

bell peppers


Spaghetti squash

Green onion


Collard greens



Red cabbage


And mangos

I also got my 8 lbs of strawberries. Now I have to figure out what to do with all of it, yikes!

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Day 5 meal 1 was my go to eggs with salsa and avocado and black tea.

Meal 2 - leftover soup from last night, strawberries and banana (probably a bigger serving of fruit than I should have done) and salt and vinegar kale chips which turned out so awesome my 13yo son ate almost the whole bowl! The 2yo said "ohhh icky icky icky" when he saw me taking them off the cookie sheet but he did try a bite which shocked me since he tends to avoid green food at all costs.

Meal 3. -thinking about taking a whack at spaghetti squash. I have never really like squash much (except zucchini). I don't really like sweet potato either. I don't even like my fruit overly ripe. Don't get me wrong, I like sweets but salty has always been a bigger vice for me. I am guessing that when you cover it in meat sauce it's not too sweet?

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Day 6

Meal 1 -the usual, eggs, salsa, avocado.

Meal 2 - organic beef hotdog with mustard and bubby's sauerkraut = yum. And a few strawberries. This may be a new go to lunch. I know it sounds veggie light, but I really like the sauerkraut and had quite a bit. I LOVE fresh fruit so I limit myself but I think the fruit rounds out this meal well.

Meal 3 - I'm a big lying liar. That spaghetti squash I keep talking about? It was a butternut squash. Oops. I said I wasn't much of a squash person! Hubs saved the day with a frittata. Eggs, onion, red bell pepper, mushrooms and grape tomatoes. I put salsa and avocado on mine and there is enough left for day 7 meal1.

I tried to sleep in this morning and couldn't do it. Yesterday was the first Saturday in I can't even remember how long that I didn't spend half the morning waiting for my son's nap so I could go lie down.

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Day 7 - 1 week down!

Meal1 - leftover frittata

Meal2 - organic hotdogs, sauerkraut and strawberries

Meal 2 1/2 - steamed carrots, broccoli and cauliflower with clarified butter

Meal3 - made an awesome chicken zoodle soup. Chicken breast, chicken broth, onion, carrots, celery and zucchini noodles.

This was the first day I've really battled cravings and I was hungry between lunch and dinner. I'm not sure if this is a 7th day slump or PMS but hopefully it will pass quickly.

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Whole 30 Goals:

To change my profile picture to one of me on the beach that shows more than my shins and feet.

To get pregnant and not have gestational diabetes this time.

To have a healthy baby.

To get my children to eat better, health promoting foods, at least when their at home.

To have sustained energy so I gan really put it into gear at work and go for a promotion.

To not have such an inappropriate, obsessive love afair with sleep.

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Day 8

Meal 1 - I need to get out of the egg rut. I have had the same breakfast almost every day of my whole30 so far. 3 eggs cooked in olive oil, homemade salsa and 1/2 an avocado. Every. Single. Day. I know that the idea is to broaden my horizons but I just want something fast and easy in the morning and if I have leftovers I usually have them for lunch. I'm wondering if it is healthy to eat 20 eggs a week? I know that eggs aren't as bad as we're supposed to believe, but is 3 a day excessive?

Meal 2- my awesome chicken zoodle soup.

Meal 3 - some green grapes, sirloin steak, mashed cauliflower, salad with balsamic vinegrette.

Wanted to go to the gym after work but forgot my shoes. More lame excuses, I know. I'm doing so well with the w30 I'm just not going to beat myself up about working out. I work on the 3rd floor and I've probably taken the elevator twice in the last 6 months plus we have stairs and a busy 2yo at home. It's not the same as working out but I'm not certainly sedentary either.

Confession: I've opened a can of whoopass on the sugar dragon but the scale dragon has me licked. I weighed myself every day this week and sometimes several times a day. It makes me happy to see the number going down! I like the high It gives me. I'm breaking out in a cold sweat just thinking about it.

I just had a stroke of genius. If I make my husband hide the scale then I'll either slay the scale dragon OR have to go to the GYM for my fix! 2 birds 1 stone my friends! And with that I bid you goodnight.

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Day 9

Meal 1 - the same boring breakfast as always

Meal 2 - Salad with cuc, tom, avo, carrot, tuna, homemade vinegrette

Meal 3 - grilled chicken, beets with clarified butter, and cucumber, onion and tomato in vinegar.

Went to the gym and did 50min on the eliptical.

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DAY 10!!! 1/3 of the way done! (1/4 if you count re-introduction)

Meal 1 - Take a wild guess

Meal 2 - Leftover chicken, cauliflower, green salad and green grapes.

Meal 3 - I am going to TRY to make Spaghetti squash tonight!

79 stairs to my office. 3 flights, but it's a big, old building so I think they're longer than most. I take them every day and most days several times. The only time I take the elevator is if I'm carrying something big and I took it once when I was sick.

Today, those stupid stairs are kicking my butt! Where is my Tiger Blood???

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Day 11

The spaghetti squash was a success. I'll probably have it for lunch today.

Meal 1 - The same!

Meal 2 - leftovers

Meal 3 - Roast thawed out in the fridge. Probably will make carrots and mashed cauliflower.

Stairs are still kicking my butt. I think I'm in the "I Just Want to Nap" phase. I would like to move on to "Boundless Energy!" please!

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Day 12

Weekends are always harder. I had some mid-morning pineapple because I was fixing it for the kids. I have had between meal snacks a few times. Either nuts or fruit or both. I think I need to re-read the parts of ISWF that address snacking.

Meal1 same

Meal 2 leftover roast, mashed cauliflower and beets

Meal 3 hotdogs and sauerkraut

It's getting harder to think of meals and I'm getting burned out on cooking for every meal. I'm still motivated but day 30 seems a lonnnnng way away right now.

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Day 14 - AKA, If I hadn't screwed up my first day 1 I'd be halfway there!

Meal 1 - I woke up late becuase offspring #2 decided to get up at 1:30am. I think he had a tummy ache. I had to get offspring #1 to school so I grabbed a banana and an avocado on my way out the door and stopped at Safeway for hardboiled eggs (not organic, but what are you gonna do) and organic frozen broccoli. I heated the broccoli in the microwave and ate it with a little salt and apple cider vinegar for some extra flavor. I also had 3 of the hardboiled eggs and 1/2 the avocado and some black tea. I am tempted to eat the banana, but I'm really not hungry so I will try and hold out till meal 2.

Meal 2 - Hubs works a few blocks away from where I work so I usually have lunch with him in their break room. He packed leftover pork chops and roasted vegies for lunch. I may run and get a salad too.

Meal 3 - Still need to make a plan. I thawed out hamburger, stew meat and flank steak.

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Day 16

Meal 1 - office emergency breakfast, hard boiled eggs, broccoli and 1/2 avocado

Meal 2 - leftover soup

Meal 2 1/2 - banana

Meal 2 3/4 - apple slice with cashew butter

Meal 3 - flank steak, balsamic roasted veggies, did NOT like the parsnip.

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Skip to day 21!

Fell a little behind on the log, but rest assured I was compliant. I did allow myself a little Super Bowl treat yesterday. While the Hubs and his buddies had pizza, I had a small apple, a small banana and a scoop of cashew butter. It was delightful. I was impressed with my own self control. I did wish I could have a glass of wine, but it was a thought, not a craving.

I picked up my organic Bountiful Basket (produce co-op) yesterday. It contained oranges, apples, kiwi, blueberries, carrots, leaf lettuce, swiss chard, bok choy, red bell peppers, garlic, onion, and a turnip. I am going to have to figure out what I'm going to do with the swiss chard and the bok choy.

Meal 1 - had some deviled eggs and steamed broccoli

Meal 2 - Canned salmon and green salad, deviled eggs and a banana

Meal 3 - chuck roast thawed out in the fridge. Hoping to do something with my swiss chard and bok choy.

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Day 22

Cooked and cut up the chuck roast and made a stir fry with swiss chard, bok choy, peppers, onion, mushroom, ginger and garlic and a few dashes of coconut aminos.

Meal 1 - same old

Meal 2 - No idea yet

Meal 3 - not a clue

Obviously I have fallen behind in my meal planning. I am SO EXCITED that tomorrow starts my 1 week count down!!!!!

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