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Can I have “Just Egg”


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It looks like there's mung bean protein and sugar in these, which would make them not Whole30 compatible. 

You can do Whole30 completely egg-free, though. 

Here are some egg-free breakfast ideas.

Here's a brand of egg free mayo and there are recipes to make your own as well, google Whole30 egg-free mayo for options.

If you want to make something in particular that usually has eggs as a binder and you're not seeing any non-egg options, try googling AIP plus that, so like AIP salmon patties. (AIP is autoimmune protocol, it doesn't allow eggs, and also doesn't allow most of the stuff Whole30 doesn't. It also doesn't allow a lot of common spices and seasonings, so you may have to change those a bit to suit your tastes, but you'll be able to see how they're getting stuff to stick together at least.)

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