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My palate is limited, and isn't everything SWYPO?

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I'm in my first couple of days and really struggling.

I have a limited palate due to taste and texture, so things like salad/lettuce invite a gag reflex. In general, I don't like any greens/healthy things that go on/in salads or sandwiches.

The main veggies I like (cooked) are:
- Broccoli
- Carrots
- Green beans
- Brussels Sprouts

I also have had a large Diet Coke "dependence", and am reading that even seltzer water is SWYPO if you're trying to recreate that Diet Coke vibe due to carbonation. Though, no worries there, seltzer water is not my jam. But I detest black coffee and only like tea when there's some type of milk or sweetener in it. Infused water also isn't enjoyable to me. Neither is regular water, unless I'm actually thirsty. So no matter what I drink, it's just trying to get it down so I'm hydrated.

I've tried researching recipes, like Whole30 approved chicken gnocchi, or pulled pork/bbq sauce, or shepherd's pie, but from what I'm reading, all of those could be considered SWYPO because they're recreating a meal I'd enjoy?

If that's the case, I'm not sure what I'm supposed to eat. Today I've had one potato (cubed, sautéed with avocado oil and thyme/rosemary - though if this is seen as recreating hash browns than that's SWYPO?), a slice of honeydew, and a cup of unsweetened almond milk. That isn't sustainable.

It sounds like you aren't going to enjoy eating on Whole30 unless you're obsessed with veggies. And I'm the type of person that if I don't enjoy what I'm eating, I might as well just not eat.

Any helpful advice is appreciated. I'm ready to quit and it's only Day 2.

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Have you read the actual article explaining this rule, or just other people's interpretation of it? Because the official article says, "A few high-level guidelines. If the ingredients are JUST a protein or a vegetable, it’s fine." 

Pulled pork with BBQ sauce or shepherd's pie could both be made whole30 compatible and are fine to have. Zucchini noodles or zoodles, which are just zucchini cut to resemble noodles, are fine. Hashbrowns in general are fine (although the deep fried hashbrown patties fast food restaurants serve are not, because they're deep fried, and probably have non-Whole30 ingredients as well). 

We want you to enjoy your meals. If you think the only way a meal can be enjoyable is if it's unhealthy, that's a belief you need to work on. I've had some really excellent Whole30 meals. (I've had some super boring, not very impressive ones too, they aren't all going to be winners.) For your potato this morning, that sounds fine as far as it goes, but maybe add some carrots or broccoli in with it, maybe some ground beef or turkey seasoned however you like, and top the whole thing with a fried egg or two? 

You want your meals to have protein, fat, and vegetables. Have some fruit if you like. Try to make the serving sizes match the meal template (available Here). If you only like four vegetables and have no desire to try other ones, you can spend the month eating just those four vegetables. I personally think you should try a few new ones, because what you've got listed seems pretty boring, but that's up to you. Zucchini and yellow/summer/crookneck squash are fairly mild flavored, try dicing them and sautéing just long enough for them to be hot and starting to brown, not too long or they get soggy. 


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When you say you don't like infused water, what do you mean exactly? Have you tried making herbal iced-tea and keeping that in your fridge as a yummy drink? Just brew some hibiscus tea or any other flavor you enjoy. Bengal spice is so good- tastes like it should have sugar but it's just a great spice combination. I'll squeeze a lemon in my water in the morning (which I also prefer to drink warm, at least in winter), or limes. Or a classic infusion, which might be what you don't like, could be slicing some strawberries or cucumbers and putting them in a water pitcher. 

I'm new to this too so trying to figure it out (and so far have messed up on both of my start days by discovering an illegal ingredient after I've already eaten something). Here's my favorite thing so far: sweet potato toast (google it, but it's basically exactly what it sounds like).

Good luck!

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