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Hi! I started Whole30 yesterday after being curious about it for several years.

The hardest thing for me (aside from giving up cheese), is to make sure I don't eat something by accident as I'm quite used to eating my toddler's leftovers or snacking with her. She mostly eats what I eat, so she'll be doing whole 30 also, but I'll still give her a few staples, like dairy and rice.  For example, we went out for coffee this morning and she was drinking some steamed milk. I accidentally licked the spoon before putting it in my pocket. Ugh, writing that down, does that mean I need to start back at day 1? I guess tomorrow will be my day 1. 

Doing this program so that I can get a handle on some of my cravings, get better at preparing meals that are healthy and substantial, and to create a habit of good eating for my family.

Thanks in advance for the support!


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Hi Chloe,  There are a group of us who also started on Jan 2nd over on the thread called Whole January.  Come join us!  I can only imagine how difficult it is to be in contact with noncompliant ingredients - both my husband and I are doing Whole30 so we've made sure to put away noncompliant ingredients.  Good luck with the rest of your Whole30, regardless of whether tomorrow is Day 1 or Day 3! 


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