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Second Attempt at The Whole Thirty!!


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Hello All!

My name is Brice and I am a thirty-two year old single mother of two. This is the second time I am attempting the whole 30. The first time I made it 2 weeks before the lure of happy hour sabotaged my progress. I was so disappointed in mysself that I just gave up completely.

I am a relatively healthy eater and try to stay mostly paleo, but as of late I had been having dairy, and my vacation found me completely run amuck with glutenous goodies- which in my case is even more detrimental due to my diagnosis of celiac.

Now, I am sick and tired of being sick and tired! I have beat so many addictions- from nicotine to hard drugs, but food proves to be the most challenging. It's the one vice that doesn't seem to rate nearly any judgement if you aren't really overweight (I have about fifteen pounds to lose to be happy), but the addiction is the same for me. The feelings of guilt, the obsessive thoughts, the control it seems to have over my life!

I want to commit wholeheartedly so that I can reap the benefits of feeling freed from yet another addiction.

I want to see who I can really be, what I can really accomplish, and set the stage for a lifetime of heatlh that I can pass on to my chidren.

I am scared...I tell myself I can do this, but I've seen myself fail so many times that the addict part of my brain tells me I can't do it just so it can get what it wants- in this case, pizza, ice cream, chocolate!!

But I digress. I will do this and I think joining the forum will prove to be an integral part of my success:)

I look forward to keeping up with others that are starting around the same time(this is day two for me), as well as those who have conquered this and can offer advice and support!

Good Luck to all of you (and me), we CAN and WILL get thorugh it!


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Welcome, Brice. Overcoming other addictions prove you have the strength to do this. Food has got to be the hardest, though. You can stop yourself from ever taking the first drag, the first drink, the first hit, but you have to eat food every day. Keep your kitchen as compliant as possible, avoid situations you don't feel ready to handle, and just keep plugging.

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Thank you all so much for the encouragement! I have been eating, breathing, sleeping the forums, haha:) It really helps...I think the hardest part so far is that I was hopelessly hooked on Orbit bubblmint chiclets...like 30 a day! It kept my mouth entertained and I really miss that.

I stumbled across that Foodee website, though, and all of the recipes sound so wonderful that I cannot imagine failing this time.

I live in a rather decade impaired town in Montana that doesn't have anything like a Whole Foods, but we do have a "Fresh" market that sells some goodies.

I'm actually really excited to make it to day 31 and beyond now that I feel so supported through all of these resources that I failed to utilize the first time around a year ago. Since then, I've done countless research on paleo (even did my developmental psych research paper on it) and I fell that is greatly contributing to my mental preparedness along with a community of people who get it! My friends and family certainly don't, lol. My sister has even gone so far as to beccome a China Study convert and don't get me started on that!

Again, thank you all so much! I'm so excited!

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