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My husband and I are on day 12 and doing well following the program with relative ease. Looking forward to reintroducing foods, is is OK for him to reintroduce organic whole-wheat sour dough bread first - no additives, no sugars? We think bread may be a trigger for him and are eager to see if that is true. We do not drink alcohol and beans are not a major part of our diet, which are the first two suggestions to add. ThanksĀ 

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Yes, you can do reintroduction in any order. The important thing is to do just one type of food, and wait at least two days before reintroducing the next food, or longer if you're experiencing any symptoms that last longer than that.

Also, even if beans are not a major part of your diet, you may want to reintro soy and peanuts at some point as they both show up in unexpected foods.

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