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Allergy Symptoms

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It's impossible for us to guess what may be causing the allergy symptoms. If there's something you didn't really eat before and are now eating a lot of, that could be a first place to look. You can take over the counter or prescription meds if you need to, and may want to speak to your doctor if your symptoms are severe enough that they're interfering with your daily life, or if they don't go away.

The fact that you are losing weight so quickly is worrying. Be sure that you are eating enough food. Each meal should include a palm-sized portion or two of protein (or if eggs are your only protein, aim for as many whole eggs as you can hold in one hand, likely 3-4), 2-3 cups of vegetables (more if you're having loosely-packed leafy greens, just because they shrink down a lot), and a portion of fat (a thumb-sized serving or roughly a tablespoon of oil, or half to a whole avocado, or a heaping handful of olives, or a closed handful of nuts or seeds). You can include a serving of fruit with meals if you'd like. And if you're hungry, it's fine to eat more.


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