Day 16 - Bloated at night and still very tired in afternoon

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I am on day 16 and I am feeling good, workouts are good, I feel like I can go 3-4 hours without meals and that is new but I am feeling bloated every night. Plus I feel exhausted mid afternoon everyday still. What can I do to help the bloating and to help being sooooo tired. The reason I really did this was to help with the afternoon tiredness, this has always been an issue for me.

Here is my log and what I am up too.

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Mistie, couple of things:

First, you only took Tom and my suggestion about the starchy carbs a day or two ago. I've noticed an uptick in quantity, but not a huge one. You have to give it more than a day or two to decide if a tweak has been successful for you.

Secondly, I think you're low on food in the morning. I'm not sure if it's because you're training early, and that throws everything off, but I don't think it's enough. Your 2 egg breakfasts, even with all the other stuff, i feel could be more. Are two eggs all you can hold in your hand? I think you can probably get 3 in there. Eating more in the morning's going to hold you longer and definitely COULD affect your energy levels towards the end of the day.

In regards to bloating, I have to tell you...Lara bars will destroy my gut within a few hours of eating them. Not necessarily bloating, but really painful cramping. I think it has to do with the nuts and the fructose from the dates. I know it was an emergency food for you today, but i'd really try to avoid them for the next week or so and see what happens.

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