don't know what to order, help!


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Anything off the grill, with steamed veggies and/or the sauteed mushrooms/veggies

Grilled salmon, but have them leave off the butter sauce, and get veggies instead of the potatoes


Salmon carpaccio (without the bread, obvi)

Most of the salads, with the croutons and the cheese ditched and meat added.

Don't worry. Just ask questions :)

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If i get grilled salmon what kind of oil should I ask for it to be cooked in? I'm assuming they won't be able to prepare it completely dry

and for the salmon carpaccio, would it be safe to assume that it's whole30 compliant smoked salmon/would it mess up my whole30 if it wasn't?

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That's a great menu. Depending on your situation, I would take an empty spice jar with your own dressing or do the olive oil and lemon thing for the salad. I would definitely have the oysters...swoon. Then one of the steaks with the steamed veggies. Make it clear you don't want them to put anything on them. Call ahead and speak to tje chef or a manager if you don't want to ask questions while you are there. Have fun!! :)

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