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Janet's Journey Day 4


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Woo hoo! Good day today. Feeling well. Slept 6 hours instead of 4. First day I've been able to tolerate 3 meals. Had fruit twice so need to cut down on that.

Worried about the weekend-will be days 6-7 (tired days for me if I repeat the first while30 pattern) heading Friday to a Volkeyball tournament 5 hours away. Will be in the gym (spectator, not playing) from 8-6 sat and about 8-3 Sunday. These weekends are usually filled with food and drinking. I will be strong! Must plan!

Today's meals:

Breakfast:chicken apple sausage sautéed in ghee, Bubbie's sauerkraut, strawberries

Lunch: tuna sashimi with matchstick cucumber and wasabi (no soy sauce). Chopped green salad with bacon and tomatoes. EVOO

Dinner: grilled flank steak (brr! It's cold outside), plain sweet potato and a Honeybell tangelo followed by a spoon of coconut butter.

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