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Tell Me What You have been Eating (I'm getting bored)

Paulie M

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I am on day 16 (technically day 17, as I started on day 0) of my Whole30, and I am getting a little bored with the day to day meal planning. I am looking for examples of the meals others are making.

If you could respond to this post with some brief descriptions of what you have been eating that would be great. For example:

My Breakfast today:

sauteed in olive oil: onion, some poblano pepper and spinach, then added 3 eggs. Salt & pepper.

My Breakfast yesterday:

Steamed broccoli, chicken with salsa.

I'm about to have lunch, salad maybe with tomatoes and tuna? Getting tired of the salad at this point. Any suggestions much appreciated!!


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I am on day 16 of my first Whole30 (I love it!). I am working hard at not getting bored by mixing up my veggies, and making sure I have solid lunches to eat by cooking in advance. Do you have a way to heat up your food at lunchtime? On Sunday night I made a turkey meatloaf (ground turkey, garlic, diced onion, chopped spinach, eggs, salt, pepper, onion powder) and have been having slices of that hot with other veggies or cold on top of a giant pile of salad greens. I dice up celery and scallions on the salad, and add diced avocado on top - YUM. I whipped up a batch of chicken thai chili (slow cooker version) for dinner one night and have brought that for lunch, too.

My strategy is to cook on Sundays for weekday lunches, and also cook enough at dinner to ensure leftovers as another option.

I hope this helps!

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Being bored with my food selections was the one thing I was worried about when I started my Whole30. I plan out a menu for every meal of the week and try to vary up what I'm eating when so it doesn't feel repetitive.

Breakfast - Baked egg cups (assorted flavors like vegetables with one of the following meats: prosciutto, italian sausage, chicken) and sweet potato hash (shred up sweet potatoes, crack an egg or two into the bowl, add salt/pepper/cinnamon to taste and cook in a sautee pan)

Lunch - Slowcooker beef stew (made with turnips instead of potatoes); Italian sausages cooked with onion and peppers and cauliflower mash on the side; salads; leftovers from dinner; rotisserie chicken with veggies on the side

Dinner - Apple mustard pork burgers (awesome!); salmon with ghee, lemon and dill; steak served over salad with Tessemae dressing; lettuce wrapped chicken tacos with homemade spice mix, homemade guac and pico de gallo (my favorite meal yet); Italian sausages with spaghetti squash and sauce; stuffed bell peppers; chicken wrapped with compliant bacon and sage leaves; meatloaf with homemade seasoned sweet potato fries.

Are you on Pinterest? If not, that's a great place to go search for recipe ideas. There is so much stuff, it's hard to decide what I'll be eating. :D

Good luck!!

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Hi, lilangel! I used to live in Buffalo many years ago.

Follow me on Pinterest if you like. http://pinterest.com/paleomaryann/. I set up my boards like a recipe file, so I have different boards for different categories--meat dishes, poultry, seafood, sides, etc. Check out a few of my pins and you'll see where I got the recipes from. Then you can search those sites for more. Often, I put "paleo pork chops" or something into Google and see what comes up. Not all recipes are Whole30 compliant, but I've found some good ones like Cinnamon Crusted Pork Chops with an Apple/Sage Sautee. I add to the list every time I see someone post something interesting on these forums.

If I'm not eating leftovers for breakfast (love it now that I'm used to it), I make a breakfast casserole with 12 eggs, a thawed, squeezed box of chopped spinach, diced onion, and some grated sweet potato. To that I add some of whatever I have--sausage, bacon, ground beef--and whatever veggies I have around--tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, etc. Pour into a greased 9x13 baking dish and cook at 350 for about 30 minutes, or until the eggs are set. When it cools, I portion it, wrap it individually, and freeze some so I can grab and go on days that I need to. I usually have with some sliced avocado on the side. I feel accomplished getting several different veggies into me that early in the day.

Derval also has a bunch of stuff on pinterest http://pinterest.com/derval/

Lisa has a lot, and she has a blog http://pinterest.com/swisspaleo/

Those are the only two I know by memory, but if you start there, you can find others that repinned them, or that we repinned.

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I just ate a quick meal of cauliflower rice with beef sausages (I added spices to ground beef to give it a sausage flavor). I also have hamburger soup in my work fridge--ground beef, a bunch of veggies, beef stock.

Paulie do you have Well Fed? Or have you browsed the recipes on The Clothes Make the Girl? Eggplant strata is one of my favorites, along with Pad Thai. Also I love sweet potato hashes.

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Breakfast for me is sauteed ground grass-fed beef with fresh salsa and avocado. Lunch is a chunk of left-over chicken and some left-over veggies with ghee, maybe some raw carrots, and a coupla olives. Dinner tonight was Thai fish curry -- take two cans of coconut milk, add about a half can of chicken broth, add some Thai yellow or green curry paste to taste (the more, the hotter), cook some frozen veggies in it (a nice stir-fry blend, maybe), and then add some fish to poach in the liquid (I've used hake and salmon -- both are yummy. I bet even canned tuna would work too.) You could use chicken in this too, or shrimp.

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