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A few years ago I took an LRA test (and learned that many of the foods I ate regularly (broccoli, grapefruit, red grapes (red wine), basil, tomatoes) my body had immune reactions to.  I elimnated all on the list for 6 months, and unfortunately didn't notice a big difference.  So, over the years I have slowly added all those foods back into my diet.  I had COVID and lasting symptoms, including increased inflammation.  So, I am thinking about starting the whole 30.  I'm mostly vegetarian, although I do intermittently have fish, eggs, and organic grass-fed greek yogurt.  I'm wondering which Whole 30 you would recommend, and also if you would recommend again eliminating the foods I previously had an immune response to according to the LRA test.  I wasn't sure if one's reactions to foods change over time, or if they remain static.

Thank you!

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The guidance for whether to do the original or plant-based Whole30 is that if you will eat two animal-based protein sources, like fish and eggs, then it's best to do the original Whole30. (This is discussed here.)

As far as leaving out the foods you previously tested for, if you didn't notice much difference anyway, it would probably be easier not to eliminate them along with the things you'll be eliminating for Whole30. 

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