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Hooray! Started a veggie co-op!

Jessica M.

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My daughter's girl scout leader was showing us moms (ironically, at the cookie selling kick-off party for the girls) the pile of veggies she got from her vegetable co-op for just $10. Hers is a half-order and it looked like a lot of good stuff. I was like,"Please send me the contact information!" because the other co-ops I had been looking into had a membership fee, require you to buy by the month or quarter, etc. This sounds good to me! I ordered a half-veggie order ($10) and a fruit box ($10), and asked for a couple of add ons (avocado, berries). Can't wait to see what I get at pick up tomorrow! I can pay $6-8 just for apples at the grocery store and I am sure the stuff is not as fresh! Whoo hoo! My reward for a night with shrieking 7 and 8 year olds! LOL. :)

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My beautiful veggie assortment that was only ten bucks!

Corn, sweet potatoes, bok choy, snow peas, butter lettuce, cukes, tomatoes, apples, bananas.


Best pineapple ever and more fruit, just ten bucks!


Two gorgeous avocados, bunch of kale, decent size bag of spinach, just $5! Just the spinach would be at least $3 at the grocery store and not be half as fresh or nice.

very pleased. :-)

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