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Some Egg Questions...

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I am allergic to egg whites (by themselves) so I can't eat the whites of fried eggs or hardboiled eggs, I am able to eat just the yolks.  I don't have them often, only when I have a craving for egg yolks.  If they are fried (with jammy/runny egg yolks), I have to peel all of the egg whites off of the yolks before eating them & do the same thing with hardboiled eggs.

By the way, people that are allergic to egg whites are typically allergic to penicillin and other pharmaceuticals that use egg whites in the base for that pharmaceutical.

So my question is....how do I factor just egg yolks in with my meal planning?

Thank you.

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You would probably need more yolks than you would whole eggs to get the same protein and other nutrients, so if the eggs are your only protein in a meal, instead of three whole eggs you might need 4-6 yolks. Of course, you could also have some other protein instead to make up the difference, so just have as many egg yolks as you want, and also have some sausage, or some leftover chicken, or whatever protein sounds good.

Out of curiosity, have you ever separated the yolk and white first, and then just fried the yolk? It seems like it might be easier, but also I'm not quite sure what happens if you just fry the yolk by itself.

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Thank you, Shannon, then it is okay to have a number of just yolks to add in a meal, that is good to know.  As far as separating the whites from the yolk before frying, you still have whites leftover that will need to be peeled off.  Yeah, I tried that too but it was a mess afterwards, it is much easier to keep all the whites and then peel the cooked whites off of the yolk as they tend to come off in full pieces. 

I was just concerned that I would be limited by how many yolks I could have in this plan.

By the way, is there a printable 7-Da7 Meal Plan and the daily instructions available to download and print? 




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