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Day 4 and going strong :)


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My fiance and I are on day 4 and I just discovered the boards...I am totally loving being able to read about the exeriences everyone is having so I thought I would add our logs to the mix. More accountability is never a bad thing right?!

So, as much as I can remember here is what we have eaten so far!

Before day 1 - Made a chicken bone broth in the slow cooker and saved the fat from the top for cooking

Day 1

- Sweet potato hash (sweet potatos, ground chicken, green bell pepper, onion) cooked in coconut oil

- Slow cooker cheater pork stew (http://nomnompaleo.c...eater-pork-stew) ....I used crushed tomatoes with italian seasoning instead of marinara, and I didn't have sunny paris so I added more italian seasoning with garlic and onion powder, and I used coconut aminoes instead of fish sauce because I can't find red boat anywhere, bummer!)

- Slow cooker korean short ribs and side salad with coconut vinegar as dressing (http://nomnompaleo.c...-fed-short-ribs) ...I used rib roast and cubed it because they didn't have short ribs when I went and again added extra coconut aminos instead of fish sauce)

Day 2

- Sweet potato latkes (sweet potato, eggs, spinach, bell pepper, onions) cooked in chicken fat

- Slow cooker cheater pork stew

- Roast chicken with raw veggies (cucumber, carrots, bell pepper) and guacamole and sweet potato hummus to dip them in

Day 3

- Fritata (eggs, spinach, broccoli, onion, red bell pepper, leftover roast chicken) and some cantaloppe

- Asian Almond chicken and an apple (http://nomnompaleo.c...d-chicken-salad) ...used coconut aminos instead of fish sauce....this sauce/dressing is unbelievably good!!!

- Pork tenderloin cooked in unsweetened applesauce, side salad with coconut vinegar and leftover veggies and dip from last night

Day 4 (Today!!!)

- Leftover potato latke and fritata with a little roast chicken and little bit of franks original hot sauce

- Leftover pork tenderloin over spinach and an apple with almond butter

- Not sure yet....my fiance is going out to dinner with co-workers (armed with the rules) so I think I will have some sort of fish because he has a strong aversion to any kind haha...maybe salmon.

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Thanks Liz! It has definitely been an experience so far....we both had quite the headaches yesterday and were feeling in a fog...almost like being drunk haha. Feeling much better today after a very long sleep! Look forward to reading about your progress too!

So as for my log....to finish off day 4 - last night for dinner I sauteed some shrimp, tomatos, and spinach in some ghee with garlic, salt, and pepper. Pretty tasty.

My day 5 log for today will come later :)

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@ Derval - thanks! It was such a beautiful day when I took it, and I got lucky when the clouds just parted as I was walking towards the water :) Would never have thought of it like that, but you are so right. Makes me love the picture even more!

@ queenofcups - It is awesome :) I really didn't think he would want to do the challenge, but he has been super dedicated, and its nice to have someone that knows what you are going through as well!

Day 5 log

Today was great! Well, we did have headaches for part of the day....When we finally woke up and were getting ready for the day, Andrew was like "I thought I was supposed to feel like killing all the things today? But I don't...". hahaha. Later on, after leaving a super busy grocery store, he was like "hmm maybe I do feel like killing things today." hahaha. That's why going to the grocery store on a Saturday is the worst idea eveeeer!

So here is what we ate today:

- What started as an omelette ended up being a giant egg scramble with a green bell pepper, a red bell pepper, two shallots, spinach and eggs of course cooked in coconut oil.

- As a kind of snack because we had bfast so late we had a fruit salad that included pears, apple, pineapple, cantaloppe and banana with some almond butter

- For a late dinner we had a roasted sweet potato, steamed asparagus and a t-bone steak with ISWF's mocha steak rub. That mocha steak rub is so delicious. It was a shame that I kind of overcooked the steak. *sigh*.

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Day 6

- sweet potato hash with 2 poached eggs (decided that I really don't like sweet potato hash...sweet potatoes will be for dinner from now on!)

- little fruit salad

- half a rack of ribs slow cooked in the ISWF bbq sauce, roasted sweet potato, mixed salad

Each time we had sweet potato it was only about half each time....not the best day of eating other then dinner which was delicious, but still compliant :)

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Day 7! One week down! ....found myself feeling totally exhausted today. Blah. Can't wait to go back to bed in a few!

- Shredded roasted chicken with half a red bell pepper and avocado (my other half had eggs with spinach and a red bell pepper and banana)

- Asian almond chicken salad and a banana

- handful of cashews because I got extreeeemely hungry

- Korean short rib leftovers from last week with spaguetti squash and handful of pistachios

I am going to be trying some new recipes in the next few days...I am super excited about it, and I can't wait to try some new things :D

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Day 8 - Felt pretty normal today. Was tired, but nothing crazy.

- Egg and spinach omelette cooked in coconut oil

- Korean short rib leftovers and spaguetti squash and an avocado

- No bean chili (ground beef, ground pork, crushed tomatoes, green peppers, carrots, celery, chili powder, cumin, red pepper flakes) with a small handful of cashews

Got day 9 breakfast in the oven and almost time for bed!

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Day 9 - Feeling pretty good today...some rumblings in the digestive system which leads me to be hopeful things will be back on track soon :) ...also noticed today that I couldn't remember the last time I had acid reflux; that's pretty cool!

- meat crust quiche from 'paleOMG'

- chili with spaguetti squash and half an avocado

- mixed salad with homemade ranch dressing and unrolled cabbage casserole from 'Health-Bent' (http://www.health-bent.com/beef/paleo-unrolled-cabbage-casserole)

Also made homemade mayonnaise for the first time and it was a great success!

Little bit of a headache right now so I am heading to bed early tonight :D

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@ Mich - thanks. Feeling much better today.

Woke-up feeling much better today. I guess going to bed super early has that effect. I still feel tired, but definitely not as bad as yesterday. Weird thing would be that my ankle started hurting, but I haven't injured it.....Not sure what that's about hahaha.

Yesterday was a pretty good day of eating.

Day 10

- Meat crust quiche

- Unrolled cabbage casserole leftovers

- Pad thai from Well Fed (http://www.theclothesmakethegirl.com/2011/05/08/paleo-pad-thai/) - um, this is delicious! I subbed thinly sliced and boiled cabbage for spaguetti squash and it was AWEsome

Happy Friday!!! :)

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Day 11

- Scrambled eggs x 3 with spinach and hot sauce

- Pad thai leftovers

- Chicken baked with crused tomatoes, oregano, basil, garlic and onion powder + roasted sweet potatoes and bakes red onion

- After workout snack - small piece of chicken and roasted sweet potato

Tired after a long day...positives: we won our soccer game against a team we really hate :) ....negatives: bad weather with a bit of a snowstorm and got stuck behind the plows on my way home...3km in 30 minutes is brutal

Another positive is that I went to the bar with my teammates and just drank water and I had my after game snack...lots of fun...I most definitely miss beer though hahah

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Day 12

- Shakshuka (http://paleodietlifestyle.com/shakshuka/); I made some modifications...didn't have any tomatoes so I used crushed tomatoes and only a little bit of bell pepper.

- Steak with 'steak spice', roasted sweet potatoes, asparagus, brussel sprouts

Pretty much didn't get out of bed until 12pm today, so the two meals were good enough for me :) Did some good grocery shopping today so tomorrow will be a cooking day to prepare for the week! Hopefully this will make the week a littles easier cooking wise..less dishes and less time in the kitchen....although, I have to admit, I am really enjoying all the cooking and some experimenting.


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@ Jessica M. - Thanks! Steal away :D This is our first Whole 30....We definitely were not eating paleo, but I would make paleo dinners a few times a week. I found Whole 30 on one of the blogs I follow. :)

Day 13

- Egg with a little almond flour and heated berries with water. Stir fryed bell peppers on the side. (This was a terrible bfast haha...was experimenting. Will not be making it again).

- Little bit of guacamole

- Slow cooked ribs and salad with homemade creamy something dressing (don't remember exactly what I put in the mayo, but it was good!)

This weekend had a lot of failed food experiments which is ok...I know it wont work all the time!

Happy Monday :)

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Day 14

- Eggs with a bell pepper and spinach and then a little guacamole

- Apple with almond butter pre workout class

- Chocolate chili from 'Well Fed' and a salad with homemade mayo based dressing

- Buffalo chicken wrapped in lettuce with asparagus and brussel sprouts

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Day 15! - Wow, can't believe we are halfway already. Despite all the work to get all these meals done, I am really enjoying this challenge. I find that so far I am not missing certain things that I thought I would be missing. It's pretty awesome. I do have to say thank goodness for the slow cooker. Would never be able to get through this without it!

- Scrambled eggs with spinach and some guacamole

- Chili with spaguetti squash and a banana with some almond butter

- Slow cooked chicken cacciatore over spaguetti squash

I should probably also note that I am definitely drinking a lot of plain water, as well as water with lemon sqeezed into it. I particularly like getting hot water with lemon squeezed into it. I'm lucky enough that my place of work has tea and coffee stations in the building, so I am never lacking in hot water :)

I have also been working out a bit. I got some money to go back to Crossfit for Christmas, but I am waiting until this challenge is over to go back because I am in a good routine right now. I know I will have to adjust the amounts I'm eating when I go back, so it will be less stressful when the 30 days are over. For now my only workouts are the fitness classes I teach as well as an additional one I enjoy participating in, mostly because of the light hearted competitiveness between myself, the instructor and some of my members :) It really pushes everyone to get the most out of the workout! So basically Mondays is my kettlebell challenge class, Tuesdays is ab attack, Thursdays we have tabata training and Friday I participate in the body sculpting and kettlebell class. I also have indoor soccer games every Friday night. I do really look forward to starting Crossfit again though; so much fun and a great challenge!

Happy Hump Day! :D

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@ Derval - Yes, I suppose that's true. I guess it doesn't seem like a lot compared to when I was a competitive soccer player and then doing Crossfit :) ...I'm also the instructor for all those classes except the one, so I have to make sure everyone has correct form, etc, so I don't get as much out of the workout as they do :)

Day 16

- Egg foo yung with Buffalo chicken (http://www.theclothesmakethegirl.com/2010/08/08/paleo-egg-foo-yung/)

- Chicken cacciatore

- 1.5 compliant sausage (yay!), sauerkraut, old fashioned mustard, salad with a creamy dill and chive sauce

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Day 18

- Meat crust quiche and little guacamole

- spinach salad with a mayo based dill dressing, 1.5 sausage, sauerkraut, mustard, apple

- handful of pistachios and cashews before my soccer game

- roast beef with carrots, onions, and garlic

My soccer game was great this evening. Really felt like I could work so much harder during the time I was on the field. Little bit of pep in my step :)

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Day 19

- roast beef with a fried egg and rasberries with blueberries and coconut milk

- almond and macedania nut butter with celery

- ribs slow cooked with bbq sauce (ISWF), sauerkraut and sweet potato

Tomorrow is a big day! Making a superbowl meal for myself and my fiance :) Excited! ...also going to try on wedding dresses; not so fun hahaha.

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