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Day 4 and going strong :)


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I think I found the dress! ...reserving my excitement until I shop with my mom and dad...my mom and I aren't exactly on the same page when it comes to shopping haha. Oh well.

Day 20 - Did not eat enough today...will do better tomorrow.

- Two fried eggs with pistachios

- The food in the picture haha. Our 'Superbowl' spread. Everything homemade!


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Wow, I am so tired today! I did stay up later than I should have last night, so that may be the reason. I feel a little out of steam cooking wise today because I was in the kitchen forever yesterday haha. Lots of leftovers today, tomorrow and Wednesday. Then I will hopefully be rejuvenated and cooking again on Wednesday....Right now I just want to crawl into bed and sleeeeeeeep....ahh sounds so nice just typing it!

Day 21

- Pepper popper leftovers

- 7 chile lime chicken wings, salad with spicy mayo dressing (kind of obsessed with making the homemade mayo and adding random spices to it to see what happens!)

- Bunless burger made of ground beef, onion, bell peppers and some sort of spices (I am making this when I get home from work) with celery, carrots and sweet potato hummus...also have some homemade bbq sauce which will probably go on the burger...if the lettuce is sitll good, we will wrap it around the burger :D

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Day 22

- Scrambled eggs with onion

- pistachios

- Chicken wings, carrots, celery, spicy mayo, guacamole

- Steak, salad with dill dressing, sweet potato

Finished day 22 feeling really terrible with pain in the belly and a massive headache. My fiance was amazing and rubbed my back until I fell asleep. Woke-up this morning and my belly feels better but I still have a headache....although it is more dull then it was yesterday...I am feeling totally over this haha...but from reading other posts I know this is normal and I will definitely suck it up and finish the 30 days. I do wish I could just crawl into bed right now.

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Day 23

- Scrambled eggs with spinach and steak and bbq sauce

- Chicken wings with spicy mayo and guacamole

- Grapefruit and some macedania nut butter

- slow cooker roasted chicken from nom nom paleo with asparagus and roasted sweet potato

Wow, yesterday was an emotionally brutal day for me. I also think I don't do well with caffeine because I had a coffee the other day and then the biggest headache I have had this whole time. Not fun. I'm glad yesterday is over, but I am also feeling lucky to have such an amazing fiance.....bad days do have some good thrown in there.

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Day 24

- Scrambled eggs with spinach and guacamole

- leftover chicken and gravy with asparagus, apple and almond butter

- pork tenderloin cooked in applesauce with steamed broccoli and cantaloppe/blueberries with coconut milk

Day 24 was much better then day 23 thank goodness haha. Not much else to say. I cleaned the kitchen and it feels good to have a clean kitchen :D

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Day 25

- scrambled eggs with spinach

- pistachios because I got super hungry

- salad with chicken and dill dressing

- salad with dill dressing, sweet potato chips and 1.5 sausage with a little bbq sauce and caramelized onions

On this lovely snowstorm day it was difficult to not just order a pizza when we got home from work and snuggle under a blanket with hot chocolate. Mmmmm that would have been sooo good hahaha. Especially after we spent about 45 minutes outside moving our car outside the parking lot and helping push other cars in and out so that the plow could move the snow to the side. On the plus side, we have a lovely little community of awesome people around us!

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Day 26

- 2 fried eggs with pistachios

- sweet potato roasted in the oven

- 8 merguez meatballs and salad with dill dressing...dill dressing also used to dip meatballs (http://www.theclothesmakethegirl.com/2012/03/29/merguez-meatballs/)

We did our grocery shopping for the entire last week today. What a shock of a bill! Normally I go to the store 3 or 4 times a week. Now I know that technically it adds up to the same amount....its just more shocking when you see it all at once. Big cooking day tomorrow!

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Day 28

- Scrambled eggs with spinach

- banana with almond butter

- Chili with spaguetti squash

- BBQ slow cooked ribs with asparagus and sweet potato

Can't believe we are almost done! Exciting and scary at the same time. On Thursday we will eat Whole 30 until dinner...we are going out to dinner. We still plan on making good choices :) We have talked about how we will stick with it, and have agreed we are definitely not going back to peanut butter. We enjoy the almond butter way more anyways....and we are also going to stay away from pop 98% of the time....perrier has been good enough. I am going to keep making bfast, and lunch for us, because I also think that eating out for bfast and lunch has made a huge difference for both of us. Something to work on would be budgeting a little better because some of our grocerie bills have been out of control.....lots more thoughts to come as we wrap-up on Wednesday. This has been really good for us to kickstart the year we are getting married!

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Day 30!!! Wow, we did it! I'm super proud of us for staying on track and dedicated to the program and rules. More reflection to come tomorrow. Now, it's time for bed :D

- Little bit of chicken soup and little bit of korean short ribs leftovers

- Chili with spaguetti squash and a banana

- Meatballs with gravy and brussel sprouts and roasted sweet potato

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What a great 30 days! Obviously they weren't all wonderful, but it's the ups and downs that make the program worth it. The biggest surprise for me at the beginning was that my fiance agreed to do this with me. I am so glad he did, because it would have been so much harder if he hadn't been doing it too. At the beginning I underestimated how much work this was going be; for the first week and a half I felt like I never left the kitchen. Combine that with killer headaches and exhaustion and you don't have the happiest person. We started the program because we needed a change. We were eating out way too much, and we have both gained a significant amount of weight in the last two years. We are getting married later this year, and we have hopes of starting a family in the next few years. In order to do that we want to get healthier. Obviously we are both looking to lose some weight as well. So at the beginning, we both had headaches for a while; my fiance definitely went througha few kill all the things stages when he just wanted some cheese! ahaha. I was surprised at how little I was craving things. I definitely miss having some pizza and ice cream, but I never felt such a huge craving that I thought I would give up. The most surprising thing is pasta; I loooove pasta; but I didn't really miss it. The other day we had a conversation about clothes fitting better, and we were both saying how we didn't really notice anything. Then, the other day, I see my fiance buckling his belt and it is in a less worn hole. "Oh yea", he says "that changed like last week". At this point I mention that I think this is a sign his clothes are feeling differently haha. It's harder to notice for me because I wear sweatpants and workout clothes all the time :D

So anyways, here is the low down on my results:

- I sleep like a rock and have to pee like crazy when I wake-up (I used to wake-up at least once a night to use the bathroom...I guess my body holds it in now haha)

- I looooooove sleep. It's so good. I love the feeling of getting in bed and waking up rested. It's so amazing.

- My nails are clear. I have always had some white spots on them. I have no idea what they were, but they are gone!

- I have more energy and don't neeeed a nap on my early work days. But did I mention how much I love my sleep now? Sometimes I take a nap just because I enjoy it so much.

- I have had little to no back pain. This is a big deal for me. I had back surgery my freshman year in university to fix a herniated disc in the off-season. I have had issues ever since. Something about being a keeper and constantly slamming yourself to the ground isn't a good thing ;) ...despite being a lot of fun! I don't play goal anymore, but I still play, and it's nice not to constantly be in pain.

- I lost 15.7 lbs. This is a great start to looking fabulous on my wedding day.

- No calorie stress. Might be the best part of the program!

How did my fiance do? Well, you have already heard about the belt story. His snoring isn't quite as bad, and he lost about 18 lbs. I'm sure he had other benefits, but he kind of just shrugs his shoulders when I ask. :P

So we are going to keep eating paleo style from now on, with the occasional allowance for pizza and a few other things. But we already talked about how great this has been, and neither of us wants to go back to how we were feeling before. So as much as we will occasionally allow 'bad' foods, we have definitely been converted to healhier eaters. Happy Thursday everyone!

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