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I made a beautiful prime rib roast for my husband for his birthday tonight & then made gravy from the drippings using coconut flour. We both finished our Whole30 & are currently riding 2 wheelers, but sticking mainly to the W30 philosophy.

So I mainly want to clarify: If while doing a strict whole 30, would it be allowed since the flour was used as a thickening agent or is it just too far off from the point of clean eating....?


Edit: I also used beef broth in the gravy, and served it with spinach, mushrooms & mashed cauliflower ( and then put gravy on top of those too ) :rolleyes:

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In my opinion, using coconut flour to make gravy during a Whole30 would be fine, but making coconut flour pancakes would not. Gravy is not a high profile grain-based food that Whole30ers need to achieve some distance from, but pancakes are.

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