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I'm on day 3.  This is hard.  Hungry at 4pm.  I meal planned.  Just have to make dinner now for 2 hungry teenagers (and myself) who will be coming home from track in an hour.  Having shrimp and broccoli stir-fry without the rice...not sure how this will go...


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If you're hungry between meals, have a snack (recommend protein and fat or carbs, not just fruit and nuts) and then increase your meals until you can go 4-6 hours between comfortably. Also, you don't mention fat in your dinner so just a reminder to make sure your meals include fat (have a look at the meal template linked in my signature below to help out).

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Thank you!  It's going better on day 7!  Craving things, but eating cashews and a banana for morning snack.  I know I need to add fat.  I ate breakfast late today so snack was more like lunch.  Will have steak and tomatoes, avocados and maybe a baked potato for dinner.



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