Briana's Food Log-- started 1/6/13


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Hi, I'm Briana. Day 13 for me!!

This is the first time I'm posting my log though I have noted every single bite that had gone into my mouth and have it on my google calendar. Up until now, I felt like my food was a little all over the place and knew what I should work on the next day (ie. my first week's addiction to apples with almond better-- "technically" compliant foods, not ideal use of them). And let's be honest, I was shy.

Now I feel like I'm sort of figuring things out in general (yay!), finding some new favorite foods, trying some recipes, and working on honing things.

Challenges, focuses, and a little about me:

- I am still figuring out my Pre/ Post workout meals and what best works for me. Trying to get more starchy carbs in my breakfast and lunch as suggested in one of the athlete posts. I feel like eating the exact same breakfast with added carbs v. not makes me hungry much quicker (4 hours to almost 6). Not bad I guess, just something I'm learning. (I have literally taken my normal breakfast and added, not taking out any of the protein or fat.)

- Long days. Tuesdays and Thursdays I am up at 4:30 am and not home until late like 9 or so. I am finding myself wanting to eat all the time - not necessarily hungry, just wanting to eat. A few days have ended up with a few snacks. No, I am not getting enough sleep on those days. This is a big challenge for me.

- Stabilizing digestion. I have not really paid much mind to my digestive patterns until now because I figured for the first few days they were still influenced by my previous diet. Now I am paying a lot closer attention.

- I am an extremely simple chef - working on variety. I don't really love cooking and have in the past few years only started learning because its necessary for health. I love eating these amazing new dishes, I just wish someone else would make them for me! :) I am coming from a place (about 5 years ago) where "cooking" meant rice-a-roni and flavorless, overcooked chicken. So I am very open minded about things I will eat but if given the option would cook one gigantic meal and eat the same thing all the time. I am working on making several gigantic meals to rotate and mix-and-match.

So here's to vulnerability and accountability! *raises my seltzer*

Will post my foods this evening!

(Also, wanted to post this now so I have to post my log tonight!)

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Friday, Jan 18. Day 13


Prosciutto, 2 eggs, spinach, mushroom, tomato. Side of beets

Coffee cc. milk

1:15 pm

2 hard boiled eggs, olives, carrots, celery. Vanilla roiboos tea.


olives, carrots, bone broth

7:30 pm

Moroccan meatballs with cauliflower rice


- Half caff coffee tomorrow. My same coffee I have everyday seems to be making me jittery. Maybe I'm more sensitive to this, or my body is more sensitive to the caffeine. Anyway-- less caffeine! Yay!

- Pack deli meat for snack. I try not to eat eggs more than once a day just bc I try to vary my protein source and eggs are too easy for me to eat all day. Or meat for bkfst and eggs for snack

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Saturday, 1/19/13

W30 | Day 14 Food Log

(Didn't wake up til about 11:15)

11:45 am.

Prosciutto, 2 eggs, kale, grape tomatoes, orange peppers.

Coffee (1/2 caff) w/ cc milk


Moroccan meatballs (lamb, onion, tomato, spices, pecans), cauliflower rice, avocado.

8:00 pm

Small pre- party snack: prosciutto, olives

1:00 am.

Post party snack: 1 hard-boiled egg, few olives.

(first such party and knowing that I had my snack in my bag for the train ride home, made it so much easier.)

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Sun , 1/20/13

W30 | Day 15 Food Log


2 eggs, chicken sausage, kale, peppers, tomatoes in coconut oil. Topped with avocado.

1/2 caff w/ cc milk.


Granny smith apple w/ almond butter. (yes, more letter than spirit if the law. Doing better than last week.)


Handful olives while cooking.

Macadamia nut crusted salmon. Roasted cauliflower (garlic, paprika, olive oil)

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Mon, 1/21/13

W30 | Day 16 Food Log


Prosciutto, 2 eggs, kale.

Butternut squash, onion, walnut hash.

1/2 caff coffee w. cc milk.


Pre WO. Turkey salami


Post WO. Chicken.

1/4c? Butternut squash. (5g carb?)


Olives, broth. (started dinner a little late)


Spaghetti squash (ghee), meat sauce (beef, tomato, onion, olive oil, spices)

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Tues, 1/22/13

W30 | Day 17 Food Log


Chick ssg, 2 eggs, kale, 1/2c. butternut squash hash (onion, walnuts) in cc oil. 

1/2caff coffee w. cc milk 

-- felt really good. Not hungry for like 4.5 hours. 


Leftover spaghetti squash w. meat sauce. 


2 turkey salami. Dumb. Not hungry. 


Chicken w/ butternut squash n walnuts


2 Turkey salami, coconut chicken, roasted cauli. (total throw together meal, clearly). 


- veggies: I think I need to focus on more variety in veggies. Starchy in the am and green at dinner. I tend to eat one til it's gone. So aiming for 2 till they're gone. :-)

- really not getting the hang of my long days... And this one even started late. The lack of sleep doesn't help. Need even better weekend planning. 

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Wed, 1/23/13

W30 | Day 18 Food Log

9:00 am

Cx ssg, 2 eggs, kale, bnut squash, walnuts, coconut oil

2:30 pm

Turkey salami.

>> 3:15 WORKOUT


Small amount of chicken w/ bnut hash


Spaghetti squash w. meat sauce

Big Salad- spinach, tomatoes, olives, romaine

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Thursday, 1/24/13

W30 | Day 19 Food Log

5:30/ 7:00

2 eggs, chicken sausage, kale, tomato, pepper, spaghetti squash in cc oil, avocado.

1/2 caff w. cc milk

- - did not get up in time to eat. Took a few bites.

-- felt really good until noon. Good breakfast.

12:00 pm

Apple. almond butter. olives.

-- now that I'm becoming more adapted to lower carb meals I am noticing this isn't as satisfying as it used to be and I can tell it was too high sugar for me. Only packed it bc I'm not really working out today but going to take it out of the rotation. Added olives after.

>> feeling tired around 3:30


Ground turkey, roasted cauliflower, spaghetti squash, carrots, olives, celery.

-- still hungry-dull headache, etc. Gassy. Not enough fat for sure. Thought I packed an avocado but I didn't. :(. On s positive note: this is one of the first times I've felt the "imbalance" headache the whole time. So overall I must be doin something right!


Ground meat (beef, turkey), beet greens, zucchini, green beans, sautéed in coconut oil and coconut aminos w. avocado. Large serving.

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Friday, 1/25/13

W30 | Day 20 Food Log


4ish oz. ground turkey, 1 egg, kale, avocado. (I think I forgot the spaghetti squash. Grr).

1/2 caff w. cc milk.


Apple, almond butter. (I know. Last minute packing. Oops)


6oz hamburger, swt potato in cc oil, spinach/ romaine salad w. olives, balsamic

>> 6:45- crossfit intro class. Not planned in advance so no pre/post meals. Again... Plan for the UNexpected.


Zucchini noodles (eggs, almond, garlic, o oil), bolognese (beef, tomato)

Bed 1:30am.

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I am feeling so great. So many good side effects and by now I am certain I have lost weight too. I am starting to get bored with cooking. Like I said, not a favorite past time. But I bought Well Fed and it has a ton of good ideas about prep which will be perfect for me. I made a Menu template spreadsheet based on the meal map so that as I plan my meals I can see if all the boxes are filled out INCLUDING pre and post WO meals as that has been a tough one for some reason. (I just plan my day, so proud, go to workout and remember ahhhh! that's what I forgot!) Synced it to my dropbox so its on my phone when I got to the store. (Now I just have to be organized enough to fill it out!)

I am also starting to think about how I want to handle day 31. I do think that because this is my first Whole30 I am going to do the reintroductions as stated in the book, just to see how they go. But after that, I am definitely going to continue at at least 90% for awhile longer. I am trying to be mindful of my feelings about food to gauge how long I think I should stay 100%.

Anyway-- Yay! This has been amazing. I'm really learning so much about myself, and food, and all of you!

One other thing that I was telling my friend last night. She was asking me how it was going and said that she's really impressed because I haven't really complained at all and she said I make it sound so easy. And I said well that's because it is definitely challenging but, having done similar programs in the past (both with success and not), one big difference I find is that this time I feel like I am counting UP instead of down. And that sounds small, but the mindset behind it is completely different!

To Day 21 of many!

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Saturday, 1/26/13

W30 | Day 21 Food Log


Ground turkey, 2 eggs, spaghetti squash, kale

1/2 caff w. cc milk


Decaf w. cc milk

Balsalmic beets


Roasted brussel sprouts and cauliflower. (1.5 cups)

Hamburger, avocado, sauerkraut


Turkey salami, apple, almond/coconut butter

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SO! Today, I woke up to a GIGANTIC rash on my back. The weird thing is that it doesn't itch or hurt at all. I wouldn't even know it was there except the worst part is my lower back and I felt it. So, I've done some research which has conclusively led me to... nothing. Possibilities seem to be a) detox b.) ketosis rash c.) food sensitivities. A boss of mine says its "textbook" detox rash so I'm trying to calm down. I just thought it was a little weird to have nothing and then Day 22, BOOM!rash. I haven't added too many new foods really- bone broth and sauerkraut the first week. I have eaten a lot of eggs, and increased my intake of avocados and coconut products. I have also been eating plenty of starchy carbs, the odd apple, and other veggies so I really doubt I'm in ketosis. Before you ask, no new clothes, detergents, etc.

So I am sort of going with detox based on all the facts but even still: plan of action:

- chill out.

- chamomile tea and coconut oil on the rash

- cutting out eggs (in case it is a food sensitivity)

- pay attention to carb intake

Any other thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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OMG! It's day 31! I came so quickly I can't even believe it.

I did stop logging my food here, but had not stopped logging it in general. I am not near a computer most of the day so this isn't the most convenient place to log and eventually I just forgot at the end of the day.

Anyway-- I feel fantastic! I'm going to write up my story a little later after I hit the gym and weigh myself! eek. Stay tuned!

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