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After 3 attempts (3 days in a row)....starting Jan 21


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I am a first-timer. I am incredibly excited about the Whole30 and about everyone who is on this forum. I found the forum yesterday and I think this is exactly what I need to carry me through. So many resources. How can I even begin to thank you for all that you have shared.... maybe I can show my appreciation my completing my Whole30, eh?

About me:

-Athletic mother of 2 kids under 3YO

-work full time

-lift hvy wts and cardio ~5 hrs week

-too many hobbies to juggle successfully

-avidly get excited about too many things

Why do I want to do the Whole30:

-I have an unhealthy relationship with food. I love sweets (particularly chocolate). I love salt. I love wine. I love food.

-I am also looking to drop some weight to get back to my faster (and thinner) pre-baby self. I am already really active so after a year of exercising diligently, I decided it is time to look at my food choices.

-Oh, and I fall asleep every afternoon (I also drink too much caffeine).

My known challenge:

-Resisting temptation!

I have too kids that love their bread and dairy products, it will be hard to make them healthy food and abstain from putting a portion in my mouth. Although I will try and feed them what I eat.

I tried to start the Whole30 4 days ago, however, fell off the wagon each day. It has been a good experience trying out the meals though.

So, after reading tips throughout the forum, I am setting my start date for Monday January 21 so I can get my meals planned, fridge stocked and the support I need in place.


Happy to be here.

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Welcome and good luck on this journey. I am only on day five, and I completly understand about resisting temptations. I have not changed my 7 year olds diet yet. I am going to let him continue to eat his stuff, and I will eat mine. If you have any questions, feel free to always ask!

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Hi, I thought I would start my whole 30 on Friday but maybe jumped in a little too fast, didn't really prepare properly (food and support).

Although I have been following the plan in terms of the food, I have been snacking in between meals on veggies and chicken etc.

I want to do this 100% so I am thinking about changing my "real" start date until tomorrow with all you ladies but, being a MAJOR perfectionist, am struggling with feeling like I would be "failing" my first attempt if I do so.


And btw, I already feel more inspired by reading this thread!

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