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Frustrated with frustration. Started Whole 30 at 8:47 this morning.

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I have hashimoto's thyroiditis, and I'm assuming that that is secondary to my apparent gluten intolerance.

Gluten free with no deliberate slips since last September - all gluten consumed since then has been the result of mis-labeled foods or genuine mistakes.

Along with going gluten-free, I went 80% primal, and it's wonderful.

Recently though, something's gone awry. Weight is creeping up, face is puffy, sleep is disturbed - has something snuck into my diet? Is my thyroid medication off-kilter? Seems to me that the Whole 30 is a darned good way to see.

The main change will be giving up dairy, and wee little off-plan but gluten-free nibblies that snuck into my 20%. Oh... and the departure, at least temporarily, of my beloved glass (or two) of wine with dinner.

This should be interesting...

For the record

5' 9"

224 lbs this morning, up from 208 two months ago.

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Hi, Joanne, and good luck. It's tough not being able to put your finger on the problem. I started my Whole30 on the first. I've never even considered giving up dairy before, and I also love my wine with dinner. But after the first two days, I have hardly even thought about either. Amazingly enough, I now crave water. Love the stuff! Can't get enough. I hope this helps you figure out where the problem is.

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So far so good! Feeling good, weight is down, face is slimmer, sleeping better!

My skinny jeans are a bit tight, but not completely impossible to wear. My oedema is much improved - ankles returning to normal circumference.

Keep having to reassure people that I'm not pregnant ;) There are other reasons to not drink alcohol ;)

I do miss dairy though... that's harder for me to give up than starches, sugars, alcohols, soy, or industrial foods. *sigh* I can't argue with the results though.

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