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How to deal with staying on track after Whole 30?

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I did the Whole 30 to the tee, and boy did it change my body and my pain. I was able to not only lose weight, my body was changing and having the best impact. I was always hurting and in pain, and then the pain was gone by week 3! Energy was getting up and sleep was better. Everything was amazing! But then day 30 came and I was fine, and then day 31 came and I weighed myself and loved the results, but said lets try some not whole 30 friendly food. and two weeks later, eating not whole 30 compliant, everything came back, my pain and energy dips... I am starting Whole 30 again (on the 3rd day) but im having a really hard time understanding how to navigate after whole 30... Any thoughts? Help? I really want to stay as Whole 30 compliant as possible, but once the 30 days are up it seems like all the "rules" go out the window for my brain...

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Did  you do your reiintroductions properly and systematically to determine which foods were potential issues for you? 

Being on a 'forever Whole30' isn't practical or sustainable but if you do your reintroductions, you can create a WholeVanessa program for yourself with rules and food restrictions customized for you.  

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