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Always hungry!!!

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I'm still nursing my 14 month old, and while he hasn't been nursing like a newborn, he still breastfeeds 3-5 times during the day and over the past 1.5 weeks, 2-3 times at night (for a week he slept through the night, now he's cutting molars and nursing all. night. long.). I'm starving. Particularly in the afternoons and evenings. It's like I can't get enough food into me. I end up grabbing some dried fruit and some nuts and a hard boiled egg at 3pm and at 9pm in order to make it through.

Any suggestions? I physically cannot eat any more at meals, and I've dropped a pants size over the last couple weeks (I was bad and weighed myself and I've lost all my Christmas pounds and 5 more). I feel great other than the constant hunger.

Typical day looks like this:

B: 2-3 eggs, poached

1 sweet potato shredded and fried up in coconut oil

Some other veggie (this morning I cooked some spinach)

Coffee and water

L: Leftovers from last nights dinner. Today it was a hearty piece of salmon, carrot sticks, cucumber sticks, a handful of nuts, and some cut up peppers.

Snack: Larabar- coconut cookie flavour

Supper: Protein (tonight's plan is leftover chicken- 2 drumsticks)

Cooked veggie (tonight is zuccinni noodles- I'll eat a whole zucc.) plus pasta sauce

Raw veggie- spinach salad with tomatos, peppers, cucumbers

Snack: 2 hard boiled eggs or a can of tuna and some veggie sticks, OR an apple or banana with some almond butter and usually a hard boiled egg on the side OR a few cashews and some rasins or dates or prunes.

I drink water often between meals and I just can't make it through. Last night I ended up eating a can of tuna after dinner because I was still ravenous and I had a few hours of work/school/cleanup/daily mom stuff to do.

Does it look like I'm eating enough? Am I going to lose out on the benefits of the whole30 because I'm not getting the snacking under control? I'm trying so hard and working really hard to get everything under control but I perpetually feel like I'm missing something because I shouldn't be feeling so hungry- right? I feel like I'm eating a massive amount of food!

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If you are eating as much as you can at three meals, you probably need to go to four or even five meals, at least while you are nursing.

You are eating a fair number of your vegetables raw and that keeps you from eating as much. Cooked veggies take up less space, so you can eat more. Cooked veggies digest easier too.

I'm glad to see you eating whole eggs, but you would benefit from adding even more fat to your meals. Maybe some avocado slices or guacamole, some olives, or anything cooked in coconut milk. Fat is really your friend and can help you feel satisfied for longer periods of time.

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Hi there

I am sorry I am not able to answer your question definitively, maybe a more experienced person will come along to help, but I just wanted to say that I totally understand what you mean!

My baby is almost 8 months and feeds about as much as yours at the moment, I also run around after a 3 year old most of the day.

Sometimes I snack on dried fruit and nuts, or an apple with nut butter and I need to be mindful that I don't end up mindfully snacking or grazing and when I am hungry I need to make sure I add protein.

I think its good that you are adding an egg or other protein in with the snack, so making it like a mini meal, and if you are hungry then you should eat. You could look at it as another meal instead of a snack.

I eat at least 4 times a day and partly because I am up from 6am and on the go all the time. I need a late morning and then mid afternoon meal.

Well done for getting the veggies in at breakfast time, I find it is a challenge at times when trying to get everyone ready to go out. You also sound as if you have a busy life to juggle other than motherhood, and if you are not getting an opportunity for restful continuous sleep at night then just do your best to eat well. It sort of depends on what you are looking to gain or learn from your own Whole30 experience. I know that there are a few parts of mine that can be improved upon for the next time, but I am going easy on myself because of breastfeeding and ongoing lack of sleep. On the plus side I am so proud of myself for the things I HAVE achieved and you should feel proud of yourself too.

It is my bedtime now and I'm anticipating a few wake ups from a baby with teeth issues, I must go to sleep.

Sounds like you are doing great

Take care

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Hi again I have just seen Tom's post after I pressed post, so there you are, thats you're answer!

About the fat - I have been eating a bit more with meals this week to try and minimise the risk of eating too much nuts or fruit , I have noticed an increase in my supply also

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I agree with Tom, you might try to fit in a whole avocado later on in the day. Also, I don't know what type of nuts you're eating, but I find macadamia nuts to be particularly filling.

I know when I started getting back into CrossFit when my baby was 4 months (and still exclusively nursing) I was eating a ridiculous amount of food. Occasionally I would keep track of how many calories (loosely, in my head) I was eating (just to make sure to sure I was eating enough) and it was like 2500 or 3000 some days. If you're still hungry definitely eat!

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