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Not feeling very well


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I started my first ever diet and started with a difficult one Whole30...

I started the plan because I wanted to be healthier and with less stomach disorders, which I may say have disappeared on this 5 days. I am certainly loosing weight something I didn't want because I feel I don't need It, I may have lost 4 lbs already and don't want loose anymore.

I'm on my day 5 and I haven't had a good start, I started on Monday but at the same time I got flu so I have been feeling pretty week and without energy. I thought it was all because of flu but today I have almost recovered and still feeling very sleepy, weak and dizzy, with very few energy.

I have been following all the rules and eating very abundant 3 times a day: Palm size protein (chicken, fish, beef, eggs), lots of veggies (cucumber, carrot, sometimes potato, tomato, zucchini, onion, green beans, etc), a portion of fruit (banana, kiwi, strawberry, apple, etc) and avocado/almonds/nuts for fat. I started to do snacks between meals for having nuts/almonds and sometime fruit.

Other things to consider: Before starting I had a lot of energy generally, Ive been feeling more affected by cold climate, very little cramps on the tip of my hands, and had no energy to do any exercise, only study and work.

What do you recommend? Before the program I didn't eat anything in excess (sugar, legumes, seeds, dairy) I ate a very balanced.

I hope someone can help me. :(



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