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Sasha Korellis

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After to 5 days, I feel HUGE!

Now believe me I have stayed off the scale. Promise.

All of my jeans are super tight and I'm hanging over the edge. I can actually feel that my ass is massive.


not one smidgen of dairy, booze, grain or sugar has touched my lips. I make everything myself and watch every, single ingredient.

Why? Am I eating too much? Not the right things that are on the Good to Eat List?

Should I relax and this will all go away soon?

Here is my day yesterday (typical of last 5):

3 eggs in 1tsp Ghee

Crossfit (brutal)

Roasted chicken salad with shallots and mustard

Butternut squash


2 dates

ground beef/lamb with cauliflower wrapped in collard greens with avgolemeno (pureed tomato, veggie broth ,egg & lemon juice)

1/2 pomegrante

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Looks really good. You're only five days in! Breathe

How long have you been doing CrossFit for, and how many times a week are you doing it? Honestly, if it's your ass that's getting big, that's a good thing in my opinion. Glutes are awesome, even if finding jeans to fit them can be troublesome.

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I'm thinking I may be eating too much fat and too much food overall

I re-read the portion size sheet so I will follow this more closely.

I've doing crossfit since September but I was on 4 week hiatus due to travel and sickness. Just started back up this week at 3x.



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My first week was crazy. I was exhausted and like, really angry at the world (which is the 'kill all the things' phase) and THEN I got my period a week early, which just sent me on a spiral of cravings combat and body hatred. BUT! Stick with it. I'm about done with week three and I feel magical. No, seriously. I don't do Crossfit, mostly just yoga, walking, and some weights but I have the energy to tackle more and my body is reflecting that. My butt has shrunk, I'll give you that, but not for long, I don't think. I've done so many squats and lunges that I can FEEL THE MUSCLES in my butt and start to see them (instead of dimples) for the first time... ever. What magic! Believe in W30! Keep kicking ass at Crossfit, have some faith in your body, and you'll do great. :)

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Good for you to not weighing yourself. Hang in there. I don't think you are eating too much by your list. I was worried about the same thing so cheated & weighed myself & had lost 10lbs in just over a week. Wait for that end result! I'm on day 21 and had two patients (at my office) ask me if I was pregnant yesterday. After I cried a bit I figured I must be glowing from this healthy way of life, or they were just old with no filter & I have a ways to go with my weight loss. Maybe a little of both!

There is no way this can not work, hang in here!

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I bloated up pretty badly for the first week - not sure why - but it disappeared pretty fast as time went on. I don't think it's possible to put on so much real fat weight that you go from fitting your jeans to hanging over the top of them in 5 days, unless you'd been really consciously overeating! It's almost certainly just bloat. Don't panic yet! :)

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Yesterday (day 8) was my bloat day. I just kept drinking plenty of water and that helped a lot. By this morning I was feeling way better. I always feel like I'm stuffing myself and eating too much because of the veggies. Then I roughly add up the calories in my head and think hmmmm I'm not eating enough actually lol.

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