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Planning for CrossFit Competition


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I'm currently on my second Whole30. I did a Whole30 last year (and just kept going Nov. 2011 - April 2012) and then pretty strict paleo after that. I got a little lax over the holidays and while on vacation, so I'm back doing Whole30 again to get myself back on track. I am currently on Day 19 and doing just fine.

Next Sunday I have a CrossFit competition and I'm a little unsure how to plan food/when to eat/how to eat both the days prior and on the day-of competition. I'm still a little green in competition (only doing one before) and completely inexperienced in adding in the nutritional components. The competition is local, so I'll be able to transport food from home, but I won't be able to heat anything up and everything will have to be ready to serve. There will be at least 3 WOD's over the course of the day, with a 4th possible WOD if I score into the final.

I can say, that even though I was really strict paleo during my last competition, I was extremely nervous and definitely got shaky throughout the day. I would really like to avoid that feeling as it makes it hard to concentrate (and some of it, I think, was a by-product of the adrenaline rush!).

Any advice on how to stack my meals for optimal performance (and Whole30 compliance) would really be welcome!! Thank you!

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Eat loads... I took part in a cf comp and tried a few things. You shouldn't really change anything or try anything new. Use what you do for recovery after each wod.

Hydrate and keep your intake high (make sure there's a toilet near! Trust me...nerves and lots of water isn't fun).

I included some carbs like sweet potatoes between heats. But small amounts. Fat will be your fuel so keep that up....

The night before, eat a good meal with some extra protein and fat. Sleep well and for breakfast, get a good meal with easy dijestable proteins in there. Get some coconut milk in your coffee too.

Are you planning a few days off before the comp also?

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Thank you so much for the reply.

Unfortunately I got sick last night and I'm fighting something nasty today. I haven't been sick since October of 2011, and I don't think it's a coincidence that I started the Whole30 November of 2011!


Yes, I'm going to train a little differently this week. I typically do M/T/W, rest day Th, F/S, rest day Sunday.

Since the competition is on Sunday, and I need an extra day tomorrow to fight whatever it is I have at the moment, I'm going to do a practice run through on Tuesday of the one WOD I'm a little nervous about (it has 6 rope climbs and I get scared when I get up there, so I need to practice not freaking out!). Wednesday will be a regular training day. Thursday will be off, Friday will be active rest (probably something along the lines of a 2K-5K row), Saturday will be stretching and Sunday ready to go. I'll probably take 2 full days off next week as well just to give my system some time to recover. I'm not in my 20's anymore and I have come to realize the critical importance of rest days!

At my last competition, I didn't do any sweet potatoes, but this time around I'm incorporating them more into my diet, and I'm finding them to be extremely useful.

This is where I get a little lost... What is considered an "easily digestible protein?" I want to make sure I'm prepared for that early morning!

Thank you for your help!

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Ah no way :( being sick sucks! I know how you feel. I've trained so hard for the open and I felt I was going to do really well. I now have an inflamed, maybe tore rotator cuff.

Try and get some berries etc in for immune system recovery!

For the protein, chicken, turkey or salmon are pretty awesome for recovery. After a hard training session I always grab salmon and some sweet potatoes.

Rope climbs arnt fun :P just keep looking up and don't look down. Hope this stuff helps!!

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