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Hey Everyone,

Im mike, and tom starts my 30day diet/cleanse. I have a few questions and im sorry if im asking so much but i want to get this right. I went food shopping today and this is what i picked up. Let me know how i did. First im 223.4lbs and goal is 195lbs. I go to the gym 5 days a week sometimes 4 from 5am-645.


4x Salad bags

8 packages of frozen brussel sprouts,greenbeans,etc(my fav)

3 packages of chicken

10 gallons of water(1 each day)

2 dozen organic eggs(for hard boiling them)

Fat free italian dressing.

How does this look??

Second... I work from 830-5pm and eating is not a issue this is a normal day im going to start monday

5am-645 gym(cardio 45 min each day)

7am-breakfast( 3 scrambled eggs)

10am 2 hard boiled eggs(minus the yolk)

1230lunch( salad with shredded chicken breast)

330 1 hard boiled egg

630 dinner 1 chicken breast with lots of brussel sprouts

1 gallon water total for day

How does this look? I mean i want to lose weight but the right way

thank you

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Check the label on the fat free Italian dressing. It likely contains garbage. Use - and embrace - olive oil for your salads! You need the fats too!

Make sure at each meal you get 1-2 palm size servings of protein, 1-2 thumb size servings of fat, and the rest veggies. Your typical day sounds light in all areas. Eggs - enough to fit in your hand. I am 5' 8" and can hold 4 - and eat them all! Don't just snack throughout the day. Make an effort to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner filling enough so that you don't need the in betweens. because you are working out, you may need another meal - not just a snack of protein.

Have you read It Starts with Food? If no, read it! In the meantime, use these resources:



Good luck!

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Welcome to the Whole30!

Chicken is good, but variety is important. Try to eat some beef, lamb, and fish too.

You need to eat healthy fats during a Whole30. If you want to lose weight, you need to eat healthy fats. This is not a place for fat-free anything. Finding store-bought dressings that are Whole30-compliant is almost impossible. You have to read the ingredient labels of everything because sugar, soy, and other nasty things are often included in store-bought dressings. As kb0426 noted, use olive oil. You can make your own dressings by mixing olive oil, vinegar or lemon juice, and spices.

Please eat your egg yolks. The yolks include important nutrition that your body needs.

As kb0426 noted, you are probably not set to eat enough. Trust me, you can lose weight without keeping yourself hungry. I began my first Whole30 weighing 215 pounds and eventually lost 30 pounds, all the while eating lots of delicious food. And I have kept the fat off while eating fat regularly.

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You're probably going to want to eat at least a little something (an egg, handful of nuts, 1/2 avocado with lemon juice?) before your workout. My understanding is that you want to try and eat within 30minutes of rising, and your hour long workout puts you well past that by the time you're planning to start to eat!

If you haven't seen it already, check out the ISWF Meal Plan. Quick google search will give you the .pdf, or I've pasted a link below:


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