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I thought I'd share this, just in case there are any ladies out there who suffer from this particular problem I have had since the birth of my second child in 2007.

I have always known when I ovulate. They symptoms in my body were very clear. After I had my youngest though, the pain became severe. I went to the doctor two or three times for exams, and also had a pelvic ultrasound last year, just to make sure it was just my ovulation causing the pain. And sure enough my insides were clear of pathology, so mittelschmerz it was.

I know this may be TMI, but today I am ovulating and it does not hurt! Yeah, there's a little puffiness and a little bit of dull pressure, but I am devoid of the stabbing pain that ensues. Usually it is hard to sit down on my bum, the tissues inside are so swollen, painful, and tender. The discomfort, after the stabbing pain, usually lasts anywhere from 24 hours to two days. It is bothersome.

I started my Whole30 on the first day of my menstrual cycle to observe any cycle differences this time around. I am well versed in the symptoms and times they occur.

I am really thankful for this positive side effect.

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I'm hoping mine gets better. This month is my first time ovulating in years because of my birth control and I am miserable. Overall pelvic pain, sharp around my right hip. I put breakfast off until I could stand the thought of eating without doubling over in pain. Sigh. Please get better ...this sucks haha!

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Maybe if this persists, you can go get it checked out by sonogram, just to make sure it is not more serious. I know what you mean about not wanting to eat. I'd get so full and bloated and it hurt to sit down for days afterward. Just be sure to check all of your bases before writing it off...especially if you have fatigue, bloating and nausea.

Best of luck to you! I hope this lifestyle helps your ovulation symptoms calm down too!

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oh ladies, sounds like you're really suffering :( I hope you find some relief soon!

My experience is mild in comparison but different from normal so I wondered if anyone else had similar. Since doing W30 (my 2nd one, which i finished 6 days ago but have stuck with it apart from one day testing dairy) I've noticed my period is heavier and lasts longer than usual...normally it's about 3 days and not too bad but this time (and last W30) it's lasting so far 5 days and much heavier and with back pain. Any ideas why...I would have though hormonal balancing would have made it less rather than more (even though it wasn't much to begin with).

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