Avoid BPA & additives - make your own coconut milk!


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Hey all, just saw this page and thought it might be of interest to some, like me, who struggle with the price of higher quality coconut milk. Haven't tried the method yet, but it seems it could be useful. All you need is coconut flakes, water, cheesecloth, and a blender!


If you try it, let us know how it works. :)

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I tried it and I did strain the pulp through a cheesecloth.

My result was thinner than I'm used to. If I ended up with rich, creamy coconut milk OR if I were on a tight budget, I would do it. But I'd rather pay for the canned milk and enjoy the much richer product.


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Terez, I have a friend who used to make her own coconut milk with fresh whole coconuts for a recipe that she was famous for. Way too much work for me, but it was amazing stuff.

Half the time I feel like a pioneer woman but my hat's off to someone who's dealing with fresh whole coconuts!

Ok if it's not thick and creamy when you are done, I'm not going to bother. I almost did this today but ran out of time. Maybe I won't bother, I hate to waste coconut if I'm not going to care for it...

Melissa, it wasn't a waste. I mixed it with canned coconut milk and used it. If you're feeling like giving it a try, you'll use the coconut milk (and it's MUCH more affordable than the canned version).


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Coconut Cream doesn't have the solids strained out, I'd leave them in. This won't work with dessicated coconut as it's been "de-fatted". Might want to add some coconut oil to it as well, not sure if any gets removed in the drying process.

Note: the longer the life of a can, the more likely it is to have a BPA lining. A lot of poor countries don't use them, their canning systems are older.

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