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Hi there!

My name is Amanda and I'm 37. My boyfriend and I have decided that in July we'll accept the Whole30 challenge...we just have far too many events going on that have menus included up until July 4th (including my birthday) to committ 100%. With that said we're going to wean ourselves off of several foods over the next 25 days.

We pre-ordered It Starts With Food, should we also buy the e-book for the Whole 30 or would that be repetitive?

Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself! :)

Have a great weekend all!


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Happy to have you aboard. All of the whole9 resources are valuable. I love the book! And the nutrition success guide is great, too. If I had to choose one I would definitely go with the book.

This post might give you more insight and help in making that decision. http://whole9life.com/2012/05/it-starts-with-food-outline/

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