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This should be interesting but fun!


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Hey all,

I am a cyclist and have recently found crossfit and paleo eating, I have no problem cutting the unnecessary foods out. What I do have an issue with is, meal planning and what items to really search out at the store. Hope to hear from you all.



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Welcome. The easiest shopping advice is to stay on the perimeter of the store. Meats, fruits, veggies, some nuts and some healthy fats. You may have to venture down a row or two to locate the olives, olive oil, coconut oil and coconut milk. Just don't get distracted by the brightly colored boxes and bags. Instead of spending valuable time looking at labels, focus on eating real food -no labels required.

Be sure to check out the resource links. All the info you need is located there.

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Welcome, Jon! The information Carie posted in another string (and I posted below) is GREAT to keep in mind always!

Here is what the Nutrition Workshop Packet says:

Eat three meals a day. Base each meal around your protein source. All protein sources should be roughly the size of your open hand. Fill the rest of your plate with veggies. Occasionally add a small amount of fruit. Add fat as recommended below:

all oils - 1-2 thumb sized portions

all butters - 1-2 thumb sized portions

olives - one open heaping handful

coconut flakes - one open heaping handful

nuts and seeds - one closed handful

avocado - 1/2 - 1

coconut milk - between 1/4 and 1/2 of one 14oz can.

Use this as your baseline, tinker with what works for you.

And, yes, I finally had to give up all nuts and seeds, not because I was particularly sensitive, but because I was over consuming. After reading my food log, my coach had enough. He took them away from me (all forms) and I am glad he did.

Hope this helps…

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Jeanye, you were 100% coconut oil was easy to find and on day 3 and have had no issues but it is still early, I am filling myself at each meal but not to where I can't breath or need a nap haha. Also I have been waking up in a really great mood.

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