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Crystal Deodorant- Bad news?


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I know the natural deodorant thread already exists, but I feel this is a really important issue that is coming out of that thread that might need to be addressed separately (not a Whole30 question, but smelly pits are an important issue for us all!)

Based on the natural deodorant thread, I bought a crystal deodorant, (which works great) only to find out that the main ingredient is 'potassium alum', which is a NATURAL FORM OF ALUMINUM. I think that everyone should do their own research on this issue (googling "Crystal Deodorant Aluminum" will give you a head start), but I'm feeling based on the info out there that this natural form of aluminum should in theory be just as bad as a more 'manufactured' aluminum in antiperspirants and not be used by members of this forum trying to do the right thing by using a natural deodorant.

Right after discontinuing the crystal, I started using extra virgin coconut oil, which has been amazing! It's going well and lasting at least 12 hours, which is all I need to get through work.

Anyone have thoughts or their own research on this topic? I feel very duped by the advertising for this crystal deodorant.

Thanks ladies!

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The coconut oil goes on greasy but absorbs rather quickly (I use it for moisturizer on my legs as well). I haven't had stains on any clothing items. It lasts a good 10-12 hours on a normal 'business day' ( I work in an office). I sweat the same, and I reapply before evening workouts. I think the issue is that all of us who have used/were accustomed to a normal deodorant (with aluminum) are on a futile quest to find something that works just as well. sigh.

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Questions: Are your pits greasy when you use coconut oil? Do your clothes get stained? Do you sweat less, or sweat normal?


I have made my own deodorant bar with coconut oil, rhassoul mud, and beeswax. For my husband and I, it does leave oil stains that do not wash out on our clothes (mostly cotton shirts) :-( The crystal was the only thing that worked for me as well. Anything with baking soda in it gives me an instant firey rash.

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