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Day 20!!


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Warning: period talk...

So, aside from starting the Whole30 this month, I also came off of birth control, which is an adventure in itself. Feel free to google it if you can't figure out what the big deal is. Basically your body needs to get used to your own hormones again, and years of birth control have prevented vitamin absorption, etc.

Well, I've been a mess the last few days... I have a headache, I've had runny nose, mood swings, etc. When it first started to happen I thought it was related to the diet, but as it got worse and worse I started to recognize the symptoms of being like very PMS-ish... I'm just riding out the wave of annoying hormones until it passes, and I'm sticking to my Whole30 diet to help me out along the way. And they have already started to subside. I'm really glad to be doing the Whole30, which I'm sure is helping me through this transition... I've been listening to a few paleo podcasts about it and it sounds like eating clean really makes a difference to prevent the serious side effects that some people can get. (PS: I'm not 100% sure whether the hives I got on day 3-13 were from birth control withdrawal or from the diet).

In other news: I can feel the end of the Whole30 approaching which I am both excited about and afraid of... Part of me is afraid to drink wine, eat cheese, etc. I love these things, but I'm not 100% sure I should be having them in my life anymore and I'm afraid to discover that... I'm thinking I want to do a longer reintroduction period where I introduce the food groups for a week instead of just a day... Or rather up to a week depending on how quickly it takes to get a reaction. I haven't really researched it yet, but I loved the blog post (if you get the newsletter) where the girl took a photo of her face everyday, and then drank soy milk for a week and broke out again really bad. I think that sometimes it takes longer than a day to see a reaction.

Also, this week I received a message from a friend's girlfriend that said (in summary): I am concerned with how much meat you are eating and I'm afraid you are going to die... Please watch this vegetarian movie that I recommend.....


Obviously, the week that my hormones were out of whack was not the time to approach this paleo girl about how she was messing up her life with meat.... The thing that is actually improving my life.... So, to summarize: it was not a pleasant conversation online and we have agreed to never discuss it again. That along with religion and politics are out of the question. Sheesh!

I'm honestly too tired to put up the last several days menus, but I will summarize:

-I have been drinking coffee everyday, but it doesn't seem to affect me badly and I don't have much.

-I have scrambled eggs every morning with some kind of a veggie, cooked in coconut oil and then olive oil drizzled on top. If we have leftover meat I will add that too to mix it up.

-Lunches are always leftovers from the dinner the night before because that is the way I have to do it in order to get a healthy meal at work.

-Dinners have been amazing and way more creative than ever before even though I've been paleo for a long time. I use my food processor (Xmas!) a lot, and mayo is going on most things! Tonight I'm having brisket with Nom Nom Paleo's broccoli curry soup. I need to make extra so that I don't have to cook tomorrow since I have belly dancing lessons.

-We usually have a mocktail at night, which has been refreshing since it's summer here in New Zealand. I seem to prefer the sparkling water with citrus juice in it to the fruit that we sometimes add, but I don't really care for sweet stuff much.

If you want to read my past food journals then go here: http://forum.whole9l...29-halfway-mark

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