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My type 2 diabetic mum


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Just wanted to share this little text I just got from my mum...

"I can't thank you enough for getting me in this eating regime. My blood sugars are perfect and I feel amazing"

Her sugars have been so stable and low that they are reducing her medication.

If anyone has diabetes or a family member with it then I can't encourage you enough. My mum has been overweight her whole life and has been on every diet and fad ever created. She had gastric banding about five years ago which dropped some weight but nothing crazy. She is a type 2 diabetic and was pretty much sliding towards an early grave. She's also a boredom eater and a massive grazer in the kitchen and it makes me so so happy when she says she is eating three meals a day and feels amazing! The weight is coming off, her energy levels are up and she's enjoying good nutritious food and already talking about making her whole30 into a whole100!

Much love to the whole9 team!

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