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the oishi whole 30


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Day 1

B: eggs, bacon (approved)

L: homemade chicken stock, spinach leaves, lettuce, eggs

S: creamed coconut

D: salmon patties, salad

not very hungry yesterday, upset digestion, what I call a chicken soup day. missing the BP coffee for breakfast.

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missing the BP coffee. tried it with ghee. Not in the same league.

After three days of feeling like sh*t I realized I had better be taking my vit. D again. now that I did I am all wired (kind of good) but also hungry. Have been eating not that much over the last three days, maybe I am catching up?

Have a craving for coconut oil, even after breakfast with 5 oz ground beef, an egg and some spinach and mct oil. Need to focus on a project I am working on (*whine, whine*) but my head is brimming with non-project related stuff, changes in my life. while this is good it ain't particularly helpful in keeping my deadline... off to make some more coffee with coconut cream and oil.

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