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Hi, I am Jamye and I am one week in to the 30days. (I am also Jeanye Mercer's "little sister")I am not sure that I did everything correct on the first days, but I am still seeing great results.

I am a Kindergarten teacher so I am off for summer break and are trying to make this paleo learning time. My hope is that I can get a handle on things so that when I start back with school in August, I will be more fit and healthy.

Jeanye has introduced the w30 to me in tiny tidbits but I had not made a decision to start until last week. While I have not been to the dr. for a diagnoses, I do believe that I was on the verge of a "body breakdown", I could barely move, my feet and joints hurt so badly. I have finally decided that It was time to be healthy,..I NEED to be healthy.

At the beginning of the week I was not motivated to move, but we did go the the grocery store and buy paleo foods, I was feeling better on day 3 and by the end of the week I felt well enough to begin a "couch to 5K" program (great app) I also found an ap called GAIN Fitness. GAIN is a great "coach". I plan on doing the 5K training one day and then the GAIN workouts on alternate days.

My goal is to be healthy enough to finish (without getting sick) our annual local 5K in the fall. I also want to feel good enough to float a river in Texas,

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Yes, welcome Jayme!

So glad you made the decision to start the Whole30! You will be so glad you did, I am sure of it. Good luck on your training for the 5K, that is a great goal, and fun too! You are very blessed to have Jeanye Mercer in your life. I look forward to her posts here as they are enlightening and informative. (No pressure Jeanye.... ha!)

Looking forward to hearing about your journey!

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So excited to have my little Sis on board! It's always hard to know how much to say or how hard to push with family. Jamye - I'm super proud that you're giving it a go and having so much success so quickly.

You all should know that Jamye is a much better cook than I, and she has already inspired me to try some new recipes. AND she is taking her family along for the ride.

Sister Power! :)

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