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On Day 21 and ready to throw in the towel.

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I posted this on the thread for the folks who started on 1/1/13, but they recommended I come over here for some troubleshooting help.

I don't know about y'all, but I was planning on doing a Whole45 or a Whole60, but now I'm about ready to give up.

I started with goals of weight loss and to get rid of my semi-regular migraines, but now I find myself in too-tight pants and with pretty bad headaches EVERY DAY and totally exhausted all the time. I'm on day 21, when am I supposed to see results? I haven't cheated once. Yes, I've had a Larabar in emergency situations... maybe twice a week. I'm an event planner and restaurant reviewer (I've cut down my eating out to 3x a week at risk of my job), so this diet is beyond tricky for me and I'm just not willing to stay on it without some great results. Has anyone out there completed a Whole30 "successfully" and yet been totally disappointed?

And for those curious, here's what I've eaten the past few days (similar to what I've eaten the past 21 days):

Day 19:

Meal 1: 2.5 scrambled eggs, 1/4 avocado, and a half a sweet potato.

Meal 2: Chili from Well Fed cookbook

Meal 3: Chili from Well Fed cookbook + half of a Larabar

Day 20:

Meal 1: 3 egg omelette with brussels sprouts and char siu from Well Fed cookbook

Meal 2: grilled chicken thighs, carrots, celery, and broccoli with spinach/artichoke mash

Meal 3: shepherd's pie from Well Fed cookbook

Day 21:

Meal 1: leftover shepherd's pie from Well Fed cookbook

Meal 2: "green lemonade" juice from Whole Foods (kale, lemon, apple, and ginger) to hold me until I got home: ate more char siu from Well Fed cookbook and 1/2 an apple

Meal 3: Whole30 approved slow cooker butter chicken with wilted spinach

In terms of working out, I did a bootcamp class on Saturday morning and have been doing some fast-walking/light jogging otherwise. I injured my shoulder so haven't been able to do my normal CoreFusion workouts. Also, the exhaustion is making it hard to get motivated to work out. It's all I can do to cook and clean the kitchen. I'm not hungry until meal time, so I feel like I'm getting enough to eat. Halp!

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Are you sleeping enough and getting enough water? Dehydration can do a number on energy levels. How is your over all stress level? I've had many ups and downs over the past nearly three weeks but have overall enjoyed this experience. I'm sorry you're having a tough time. Hopefully some repeat W30-ers can give you some words of wisdom, this is my first time, I started on the 2nd.

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Thanks, Krista! I don't think I could possibly sleep any more. Usually 9 hours at night + a nap some time in the day (luckily I work from home!). Not too much stress, either... I tried to start this during a time of year where things aren't super crazy at work, so I've been pretty fortunate there. Honestly, I think trying to eat right and not seeing any results is causing the most stress. Thanks for responding: I just really needed to vent. So frustrated.

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It looks to me like you aren't eating enough fat... 1/4 avocado is not much and with breakfast you may need more veggies! You probably also just need to eat a bit more at each meal. During my first Whole30 I was pretty tired and lethargic between day 15 and day 25... after that I got all SORTS of energy. Just so you have an idea of how much food I eat (I am 5 foot 5, ~130lbs, lift heavy weights 3-4 days a week.)

Meal 1: 3 eggs, some ground beef with onions and spices, half a large sweet potato (with a tbsp coconut butter) or quite a bit of squash, and a cup of veggies with guacamole, and then a coffee with up to 1/4 cup of coconut milk

Meal 2: a large chicken breast, lots of sauteed veggies (2 cups or so) with a couple tablespoons homemade mayo or 1/2 avocado

I know it seems counter-intuitive to eat MORE when you are feeling bloated or like you are getting bigger but the process is working it's magic and you may need more than 30 days to heal your body and get into fat-burning mode!!! Keep at it and don't get discouraged!

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Thanks, ladies! I cook with plenty of coconut oil and ghee, so I figured that was enough fat. I'll try to add avocado more often, but yes, I definitely want to try to avoid nuts after reading through the forums.

I don't have any digestive issues: my stomach is a tank. And I was on my period for days 6 through 10 (Lord, that was awful) and was hoping to see a big change in my body after that. No such luck.

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