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Seriously failing in the sleep department!

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You're not really doing damage to your success, you just might not hit the OhMyGoshIHaveSoMuchEnergy phase within the "normal" timeframe. I have two preschoolers, so a full night's sleep is a distant memory for me - I understand. Here's what I find to be my "Tiger Blood":

1. I don't fall asleep on the couch if I sit with my kids for a few minutes in the morning

2. I don't HAVE to have coffee BEFORE having a conversation

3. My energy stays consistent during the day until I sit down/lay down/relax - then I CRASH.

I find that I could always sleep more - I'm not ever bounding out of bed - but the time I spend out of bed if pleasant, energetic and down right great.

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Ha! Right!!? My husband yells at me all the time to take my own advice. I also suffer from something I call sleep apathy, where sometimes I just don't give a flip if I ever sleep again. That explains any 1am posts...

I'm judging you :)

3 mod demerits!

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