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I would like to have this account deleted, but can't find a way to do it myself.

(By some reason I never could get the Tapatalk login to work with it...guessing it's the format of the user name.

I know...really not optimally chosen.

Anyway, I've created another one that works perfectly, and would now like to set this name as display name for it...but can't since it's in use (of course).)

Please delete account "Strictly Paleo...ish!" (User ID: 11511) if you have the possibility.


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Hi, I would like to delete my account and leave the forums.  How do I do this?

You can message me your email address and I will get it to the forum administrators. They use that, in conjunction with your forum username, to delete your account.

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I want to change my user name from Lisa Austin to just simply Lisa A can anyone help me do it

Hi Lisa.  It looks like you should be able to do it yourself. At the top left of the page, next to your profile pic is your current user name with a down arrow. Click on that and choose My Settings. Under Profile Settings, select Display Name. Enter the new name you want and your current password in the fields provided.

Let me know if that does the job for you.

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