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Dear Hater (and sometimes the Hater is YOU)


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Thought I'd repost something I read on a blog recently (it's paraphrased a bit). For those of us who struggle with self-doubt and beat ourselves up when we fail or at least don't try hard enough, this is a great reminder that sometimes we stand in our own way on the road to Awesome:

Dear Hater:

It's time for us to break up.

Though we've had a pretty solid relationship, I have come to realize I no longer need you.

That's not to say you haven't served a purpose. You have.

You were where I ran to when I was scared to act. It was your words I could turn to for bitter comfort when I believed I didn't have what it takes.

When doubt whispered “give up†and I wanted to, you were there to nudge me over the edge. To push me back to average when I got scared of being awesome.

When I wanted to use my own inadequacies as an excuse to ignore my dreams, you provided the words.

When I needed proof that I was a failure, you gave it in spades.

For years, you were a poisonous balm to rub on my wounds, but there's a problem.

And it's not one I foresaw.

It's not an issue I ever imagined I'd face.

You see, I'm starting to believe I can do this.

I'm starting to believe I wasn't created for average.

And so now, spending time with you feels like walking out of a nightclub in full daylight.

Your light is harsh. Your words unnecessary.

Your input is no longer needed.

Goodbye, Hater.

It's not me, it's you.

- Jon Acuff

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