Who's new to the Paleo thing and/or 50+ Lbs to lose?

Jessica M.

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Hi, today is day 6. I only heard about this Whole 30 after Christmas - brand new to me. I am only through Chapter 6 in the book, but I feel like they wrote it for me personally. I have sure been struggling with tired & cranky these last few days, but I am staying compliant. It helps that as we dig into this further my husband seems to be getting more on board. The other thing that I believe is causing some of my lethargy is that I gave up my only source of caffeine at the same time. I have never liked coffee and tea, so I was drinking 2-4+ bottles (usually 24 oz.) of Diet Dr. Pepper per day. That has been my worst craving as well.

I had my husband hide my scale, but because of a competition at my gym, I have to weigh in every week. Surprised me to learn I was down 5 lbs!!! So now I only have 67 more to go.

Hoping I will have more energy by day 8! If not, I am going to have to look at quantity of food. I should be ok, my husband ( who is slim) and I are consuming the same things, I might be actually having larger portions, so it is probably just how unhealthy my diet was before. I am also blogging my journey, see the URL in my signature if you want to follow along!

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